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"What a way to make a living, huh?" Adam observed to Charlie in a hushed voice. "I think that's what my Dad must've had in mind, when I told him I wanted a career in music. It may be a thankless job, but at least it's honest work."

A waiter arrived, and handed gold embossed menus to Adam, Charlie, and Kevin. Charlie opened her menu, and gasped when she saw the prices for each entrée. What made it even worse, was the fact that most of the names were in French. If Charlie was gong to pay an arm and a leg for something, she at least wanted to know what she was eating!

Hearing his wife's sigh, Adam peered over her menu with an amused smile.

"Do you want me to order for you?" he offered.

"You can read this stuff?" she asked in surprise.

"No, but I know what the names of each dish mean," Adam explained. "I'm somewhat familiar with continental French cuisine. Don't worry, I'll get you something without snails, and without meat."

"Would you do the same for me?" requested Kevin.

"I didn't know you were a vegetarian," remarked Adam in surprise.

"I'm not," Kevin explained, dryly. "I just don't want to eat snails."

With a laugh, Adam looked over the menu while Charlie occupied herself with watching the young man at the piano. Gradually, she became aware of the fact that the other restaurant patrons watching her! They smiled knowingly with hushed whispers, and shook their heads in disbelief.

"They were just on Norman Jones," Charlie heard one woman tell her tuxedo clad husband. The man, apparently not a Wallace Shipley fan, acknowledged his wife with a grunt and continued eating his dinner.

Before long, Adam gave their menu selections to the waiter, and settled back in his chair to enjoy the music.

"He's not half bad," Adam nodded in appreciation.

"Everyone is staring at us," whispered Charlie.

"I knew that dress would attract attention," he chuckled. Adam reached across the table and took her hand in his. He didn't seem to care if the world was watching them, or not. "I have the prettiest wife in the establishment, so of course they're going to stare."

At first, Charlie thought Adam was only teasing, but there was a sincere ring to his voice that made her think he had actually meant it. Adam gave her hand one last squeeze before letting it go.

The minutes flew by, and their food had yet to materialize from the restaurant kitchen. His stomach growled loud enough that Adam hoped no one else could hear. When it rumbled once again, Charlie gave him a laughing smile.

"Haute cuisine takes time to prepare," Adam explained. "You have to have patience so the chefs can do a good job."

"For the time they're taking with this dinner," Charlie sighed, "you could've already had a four course meal at a cafeteria."

"Yeah," chuckled Adam with a lopsided grin, "but where's the fun in that?"

Charlie playfully kicked him beneath the table, and the famous musician laughed. It was good to see him smiling, again.
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