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Just as Adam was reminding himself one more time of the finer points of cooking, their food finally arrived. Elegant dishes of something Charlie couldn't name were placed before them, while another waiter poured a sparkling drink into their glasses.

"Try a taste," Adam coaxed her. "It's an alcohol-free wine."

"I had no idea they made such a thing," she mused, cautiously taking a sip and letting its abundant flavor deluge her palate. Charlie didn't know what normal wine was like, but it sure didn't taste like the grape juice she had expected.

Then it was time to try the dish Adam had ordered. After poking the food with her fork and looking it over, Charlie took a small nibble and her face broke into a surprised smile.

"I knew you'd like it," grinned Adam.

After each course was finished, another one took its place. Charlie had to admit, it was an exquisite meal. As dessert was being served, Charlie noticed the young man at the piano getting up for a break. As he strode past their table, his eyes fell on Adam. His jaw dropped open, and Charlie smiled as she noticed the young man making an effort to swallow.

"Adam," she nudged her husband, "say something to him."

Adam looked up and smiled when he saw who was standing before their table.

"I'm Adam Clark," he extended a hand out to the young man.

"Yes-- I know," stammered the musician, staring at the offered hand as though he were dreaming. "I'm..." he paused, no longer sure what his name was.

"Charlotte and I have been enjoying your music," Adam smiled in interest. "How long have you been a pianist?"

Wide-eyed, the young man stared at Adam and struggled to string together a coherent response.

"Since I was a boy," he finally managed to answer.

"Really?" Adam smiled. "Did your mother make you take lessons?"

"Yes," smiled the young man, "just like yours."

Adam laughed and the man blinked hard, as if trying to tell himself that Wallace Shipley was actually speaking to HIM!

"This is my wife, Charlotte," introduced Adam, "and this is her bodyguard, Kevin."

The young man politely shook their hands and nervously glanced at the maître d' who was now watching them.

"I'm sorry," Adam smiled, "but I'm afraid I didn't catch your name."

"Dave-- Dave Walker," stammered the young man, gulping hard as the maître d' made his way to their table.

"I apologize for this intrusion into your evening," the maître d' excused Dave's behavior. "I assure you, it won't happen again." The maître d' flashed Dave a stern look, and the young man bowed his head and hurried away. "I hope you are enjoying your dinner?" he inquired.

"Yes, very much," Adam politely nodded. "I hope I didn't get your employee into any trouble. I've enjoyed Dave's music very much."
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