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A strange look crossed the man's face, as if he thought he couldn't quite believe their lowly pianist could incite the compliments of someone as renowned as Wallace Shipley.

"I'll be sure to tell him," the maître d' finally responded. "If you need anything further, let me know."

When the man left, Adam warily looked at Charlie.

"If I didn't know any better," Adam sighed heavily, "I'd think that I just cost Dave his job." The famous musician tossed his linen napkin onto the table.

"I'm sorry," apologized Charlie. "I shouldn't have asked you to speak to him."

"Don't be," Adam brushed aside her apology. "I was going to talk to him before we left, anyway. Well, if you're finished with your dessert, I guess we'd better leave."

When Adam motioned for the waiter to bring their bill, he was followed by Dave, who was now returning to his work at the piano. Adam smiled encouragingly at the young man, but Dave didn't dare acknowledge his presence-- no matter how sorely he was tempted.

As Adam paid for their meal, he noticed that people were still staring at them. Suddenly getting an idea, he whispered something to the waiter.

"I'll go get him," shrugged the waiter.

"What are you doing?" asked Charlie, who was now ready to leave.

"Hold on," Adam requested, coaxing her back into her chair. "I have one last surprise up my sleeve."

Puzzled, Charlie did as he directed, wondering what on earth Adam was up to. By now, everyone in the restaurant had acknowledged that they knew who Adam and Charlie were by their knowing smiles and polite nods. And this misunderstanding with the maître d' hadn't helped her feel any less self-conscious.

Suddenly, the man in question appeared before their table, and addressed Adam.

"You asked for me?" inquired the maître d'.

"Yes," smiled Adam, "I was wondering if you'd do me a favor..." Adam leaned forward and whispered something into the man's ear.

"Yes," replied the maître d', obviously flattered by Adam's request. "I'm sure that would be no problem-- no problem at all! Whenever you like, the piano is yours."

"Thank you," smiled Adam, giving Charlie a playful wink before leaving the table.

"Adam?" wondered Charlie. "Where are you going?"

"Stay with her," Adam directed Kevin.

The bodyguard nodded, and Adam walked off with the maître d' in the direction of the piano.

"What's he up to?" Kevin couldn't help but wonder out loud.

"I think he intends to play," replied Charlie, her mouth wide open in astonishment.

Dave looked up in surprise as his boss walked toward the piano, followed by none other than Wallace Shipley. His hands suddenly became still, and the music halted.
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