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As they continued to shop, Charlie soon forgot the oddity of the plungers. They picked up nine clothes hampers in various styles, nine wastebaskets, armload after armload of towel sets and matching bathroom rugs, medicine cabinets, and even a few scales. Unlike the furniture store where their goods would be delivered at a later time by truck, these things had to be placed in shopping carts. The more their purchases grew, the more they were drawing attention to themselves, and it was making Charlie uncomfortable. Since few people expected to see anyone famous at a home shopping center or furniture outlet, Adam had been able to get away without being recognized too often. But Adam and Charlie's caravan of carts and flatbeds being pushed by store employees, were difficult to miss.

Charlie had already known beforehand that they would be hauling a lot of bulky things home at the end of the day. Not wanting to get herself into an impossible, and potentially embarrassing situation, she had asked Adam to rent a moving truck for the occasion. As the store employees helped Adam load the truck, Charlie was grateful they wouldn't be stuck in the parking lot with no way to get it all home! Not wanting an opportunist to catch him off guard, Kevin didn't help the others, but maintained a watchful eye over his clients.

When the employees had been thanked and tipped, Adam had a small discussion with Charlie. "I don't think we should go back in there," he advised. "Why don't we shop for the kitchens, elsewhere?"

Charlie quickly voiced her agreement. If they went back in now, people would start asking Adam for autographs, for by now, most knew who he was.

After eating lunch in a fast-food restaurant parking lot, they located another home center and continued their spree. This time, the boxes were even bigger, and several employees had to assist getting it all to the checkout: microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washing machines, and dryers. Even Kevin, who had been used to seeing the largess of his employers' expenses, was impressed. He even grinned when Charlie told him that one of each of their purchases would be placed in his bungalow!

Before they headed to the front of the store to check out, Charlie noticed the store's patio department, and insisted they have a look. Puzzled, Adam followed.

"We don't have a patio, Charlie," he reminded her, as she eyed an elegant bistro set. The small table and two chairs had an ornamental design of intertwining roses cast in black wrought iron. It was strikingly similar to the design on their new front gate. Charlie smiled excitedly. It was a near-perfect match! When Adam saw the delighted look on her face, he smiled. "Do you want this, Charlie-girl?"

"We need two sets," she eagerly planned.

Even though Adam was puzzled what Charlie intended to do with outdoor furniture, he didn't try to discourage her in the slightest. He was taking great delight in her pleasure, and would have gladly paid this, and much more, just to see her looking so happy.

As they waited for the cashier to ring up their many purchases, Charlie checked Adam's watch. It was getting late, and the store was near closing time. There were only a handful of customers left in the store, and they hurried to buy their items before the store closed. In a matter of minutes, Adam and Charlie were the only ones left. In an effort to speed the process so everyone could go home, the remainder of the store's employees gathered round to help ring up the merchandise and then haul it out to the moving truck outside.

The sun was setting on the western horizon, effortlessly turning the desert, one beautiful shade of color to the next. Since the drive home would take about two hours, Adam located a fast food restaurant and ordered a hot dinner before making the trip back to Villa Rosa. Not wanting to risk being noticed inside the restaurant, they ate their meal outside in the moving truck, for the second time that day. Adam's notoriety came at a price, but the musician didn't mind. He was with Charlie, and could be happy anywhere.
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