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The evening sky turned black as Adam drove the burdened moving truck home. Charlie sat between him and Kevin on the front seat, and every once in a while, her head would bob forward as she fought back sleep. Gradually losing out to fatigue, Charlie slumped against Kevin's shoulder. The bodyguard nudged her, and she sat up in her seat and yawned. After a few more minutes, Charlie fell asleep against his shoulder once more. Helplessly, Kevin looked to Adam.

"She's had a long day," smiled Adam.

With a small smile of his own, Kevin slumped back in his seat. He felt as though he could use a little shuteye, himself. The truck bumped along in silence, and soon, the only one awake was Adam.

Every few miles, Adam would glance at Charlie peacefully sleeping against Kevin's shoulder. He was a little envious, and wished that he had asked Kevin to drive, instead. Adam was tired, but felt plenty awake to be behind the wheel. No, his envy wasn't because Kevin could sleep and he had to be awake. Adam shifted in his seat and frowned. He had to watch that jealousy of his. Just when he thought he was impervious, its ugly head would raise without warning, and he could feel himself fighting fear. And there was no reason to fear. He trusted Kevin, and loved Charlie. She would never betray his love. But she was young, and he could hear Shirley's concerns echo in his head.

"Enough," he muttered beneath his breath. Shoving aside his fear, Adam rested in God's promises, and recalled Charlie's vows. The musician smiled. He was tired, and this was proof. A tired man makes easy prey for fear.

At last, they arrived home. Charlie awoke from her sleep and climbed out into the cold November air.

"We'll unload all this stuff, tomorrow," yawned Adam, as the front door opened and Vera came out to meet them.

"How was your day?" she inquired excitedly. "Did you get everything on your list, Pumpkin?"

For a fleeting moment, Adam thought Vera had just called him "Pumpkin." He laughed out loud when Charlie answered her grandma. He really needed to get to bed, for his senses were playing tricks with him!

"I'm turning in," yawned Kevin, excusing himself from the group as he headed for the mobile home. "Spending that much money in one day, isn't as easy as you'd think!"

"Goodnight," Adam called after him.

Vera smiled excitedly. "I'm really looking forward to seeing our new refrigerator."

"We got the one you wanted, Grandma," Charlie returned her smile. "In fact, we bought six of them!"

"They're in the truck," verified Adam, when he saw Vera's incredulous expression.

"Oh my!" exclaimed the elderly woman. "That must have cost you a fortune!"

"Well," joked Adam, approaching Charlie from behind and wrapping his arms around her, "we can't have this family living out of one refrigerator! What would the neighbors think?" Just then, a coyote sounded, and Charlie laughed.

"Vera!" called Kevin from the front door. "Chuck's roaming, again!"

"I'm coming," sighed Vera. "I just put him to bed an hour ago, and he's already up. I wish he'd hurry and decide that he's tired!" With a weary groan, Vera went inside.

"We didn't exercise Daddy, today," diagnosed Charlie. "He's not worn out, so he's not staying put in bed."
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