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And accept he did. Dave Walker had been dumbfounded to receive Adam's call, and needed to pinch himself for several days afterward just to convince himself that it was actually true. Ever since that evening in the restaurant when he turned his piano over to the famous Wallace Shipley, Dave had relived the event over and over in his mind. Adam had made a big impression on the young man, and it was no small thing that he was now to be the secretary of such a celebrated pianist! Dave had never considered himself capable of being anyone's secretary, but when Adam explained what the job would entail, he immediately jumped at the opportunity. All he had to do was fly to California, and someone would be waiting to meet him at the airport.

So Dave quit his job at the restaurant, bade his mom and dad good-bye, kissed his younger sister, hugged his older brother, and got on the plane to begin a new life on the other side of the country. He had been to the West Coast before, but only as a tourist on vacation. California was a long way away from Georgia, and Dave was nervous that he might not fit in. What if he didn't live up to Adam Clark's expectations? Dave didn't have an employer right now, but he wasn't afraid that he wouldn't be able to find another job. It was the thought of being incapable of what might be demanded of him, that sent Dave into a cold sweat every time. He could only pray, and ask God to lead him where he should go. Right now, he felt God calling him to California, so that was where Dave was going to be.

"Charlie!" called Adam, looking at his watch again. "We have to get moving, or we're going to miss Dave's plane!" The musician patiently waited as his wife grabbed her purse and checked in on Chuck one last time before leaving.

Charlie's bodyguard greeted Adam's, and the four climbed into their SUV for the drive into Los Angeles. Since Adam insisted on being behind the wheel, the bodyguards sat in the back, and quietly listened as their clients talked up front.

"I told Grandma not to wait up for us," remarked Charlie, buckling her seat belt as Adam started the engine. "We might get home late, tonight."

"I'm glad Mrs. Freemont is here," reflected Adam, thoughtfully. "It feels good to have someone capable around when we're not here to look after things." The front gates of Villa Rosa opened, and the SUV made its way down the road. "I have a good feeling about Dave," he mused. "I think he's going to work out just fine."

"You sound very sure of yourself, for a guy you've only met once," laughed Charlie, with a shake of her head. "What if he isn't what you expected?"

"He'll work out," Adam nodded confidently.

"I hope you're not placing too much trust in someone you hardly know," warned Charlie, putting on her sunglasses to shield her eyes from the desert sun that came streaming through her window.

Adam checked his rear view mirror, and chuckled to himself. There was no sign of any photographers, or fans. Living so deep in the Mojave may have meant a greater commuting distance to large cities, but it had been more than worth it. Out here, he felt more at liberty to be himself, without the burden of his celebrity to constantly weigh him down.

The drive into Los Angeles took the remainder of that morning and most of the afternoon, so that by the time they arrived at the congested airport, Charlie was feeling a few hunger pains.

"We'll get something to eat, after we pick up Dave," assured Adam, his own stomach sympathizing with hers.

Anxiously, Dave Walker looked out his window as the wheels of the passenger jet touched down at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). In a few minutes, he was supposed to meet someone who would drive him to Villa Rosa, and he wanted to make sure he didn't miss his ride. Dave wasn't familiar with Southern California, and the thought of being stranded at the huge, bustling airport made him a little queasy.
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