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"Anything happen while we were gone?" inquired Adam, as they followed Vera to the kitchen.

Grinning, Dave pulled out a large box near the refrigerator where he had been collecting their mail and plunked it onto the breakfast table. "I also have a few messages," related Dave, pulling out a notepad. "Bill said to tell you and Charlie that he's very glad to hear about Chuck, and to expect some get well flowers from him and Madeline tomorrow."

"That was nice of him," smiled Charlie, growing a little weak when she saw how much mail accumulated in the three weeks they had been away.
Legal Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this story are fictitious, and should not to be interpreted as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The author is not a medical doctor, and used omentum transposition as a plot element in "The Greatest of These" in a manner that may not necessarily be the case for most people with Alzheimer's Disease. Consult your doctor before making any decisions. See the links page to learn where you can get more information about omentum transposition.

"Melvin said to tell you some magazine wants to do a feature about Wallace Shipley and not to dismiss it too quickly because they're fixin' to put you on the front cover," continued Dave, "oh, and Jerome wants to come and see Chuck tomorrow." Dave accepted a cup of hot tea from Vera and located his usual place at the table. "Sure is good to have y'all back," he smiled.

"I appreciate your holding things together while we were away," Adam thanked him. "It's good to know we were in such capable hands."

Later that day, Jerome was dumbfounded to see Chuck coming toward him with the walking gait of someone who was feeling well. Jerome was well acquainted with the stooped back and shuffling feet that AD eventually brought on, and had seen it in Chuck for some time. This was nowhere near the robust man that he had gone to pick up in Montana so long ago, but Jerome could see a glimpse of it in Chuck's stride.

Jerome was still trying to find his voice, when Chuck hugged his brother and called him by name without being prompted. In wonderment, Jerome looked into Chuck's eyes and saw the look of recognition that had been missing for so long.

"How are you?" It was a simple question, but Jerome had to repeat it before Chuck finally responded.

"Good." Chuck's eyes wandered to his shoes and he broke out in a smile. "I did those," he pointed to his feet.

"Daddy actually tied his own shoe laces this morning," Charlie informed her uncle.

"Can't stay long," Chuck informed his brother in slow speech. "Have to go to work soon."

"Daddy," his daughter gently reminded, "you don't have a job, remember?"

Bewildered, Chuck slowly shook his head "no." "What about Frank?"

"You don't work for Frank anymore."

A frown crossed Chuck's face and he sighed wearily. He was tiring out fast, and Charlie realized he needed to go lie down again.

Chuck wasn't able to carry much of a conversation, for his attention was easily distracted, and his words didn't always make sense. Even so, Jerome realized the momentous turn for the better that his younger brother had just made.

Before leaving, Jerome surprised Adam with a thank you that sounded so sincere, Adam almost didn't know how to respond.
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