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"I was wrong," Jerome admitted. It looked as though it pained himself greatly to say those words, but he did manage to say them.

Legal Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this story are fictitious, and should not to be interpreted as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The author is not a medical doctor, and used omentum transposition as a plot element in "The Greatest of These" in a manner that may not necessarily be the case for most people with Alzheimer's Disease. Consult your doctor before making any decisions. See the links page to learn where you can get more information about omentum transposition.
"I know Chuck looks encouraging," Adam cautioned, "but he might not improve much more beyond this stage. On the other hand, he might continue to get better. The doctors kept reminding us that it's impossible to know, but to keep in mind that the disease is still there. AD is progressive, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

Jerome was not an emotional man, and this one admission that he had been wrong was not going to start a trend. Pride had been the prompting factor here, and not repentance, so with his heart as hard as ever, Jerome shook hands with Adam and returned to Mullen-Overholt.

It was the first week in July, and Charlie was trying very hard not to tell her secret. Their first year wedding anniversary was coming up in a few days, and she wanted to give something special to Adam as a gift. It hadn't been easy to shop for a man who already had everything, and she hoped the present she had secretly bought would at least surprise him.

Adam was also smiling a little harder these days, for he was keeping a secret of his own. Their first year anniversary was coming up, and he wanted to surprise his wife with a special gift. They had already made anniversary plans together, but he had purposefully made sure not to mention anything about giving presents, for he had wanted this to be a surprise.

Now that they were home from Germany, Adam sent Charlie back to the piano to resume her music lessons. Even he was returning to the new album he had temporarily put on hold to research AD, and progress began to go forward once more.

Things were returning back to normal, and Dave was in great demand in the music room. Whether it was learning from a master or teaching a student, Dave loved his time with Adam and Charlie.

A frequent visitor to the music room was Chuck, who would wander in and listen to Charlie's music scales, Adam's latest composition, or Dave's work in progress. He still didn't understand that Adam was someone special, but that suited Adam just fine. Adam already had too many people fussing over him because he was Wallace Shipley to feel he needed Chuck to do the same.

There was one issue, however, that seemed to continually come up at the most unexpected times. The more frequently it happened, the more urgent Adam became. Something had to be done.

One morning when Adam found Charlie alone in the kitchen, he grabbed her about the waist and they began kissing as the husband and wife they were. Adam began nuzzling Charlie's neck and his hands were drawing her even closer when his eyes caught movement near the kitchen doorway. Chuck was standing there, his eyes filled with horror!

Shaking his head in grave disapproval, Chuck marched over to the couple and took hold of his daughter's hand to rescue her from Adam's embrace. "Shame on you," he scolded Adam.

"It's all right, Daddy," she tried to explain. "He's my husband."

"No, he isn't," declared Chuck, adamantly. With a firm grip, he pulled his daughter out of the room and handed her over to Vera. "Charlie was with that man," he told his mother. Then Chuck needed to lay down, for all that exertion had made him tired.
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