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Wally waggled across the bedspread and exuberantly began to lick Adam's hand, for it still smelled of bacon. "Wally is an odd name for a female," chuckled Adam, "but if that's what you want, Wally it is! I don't suppose you thought of that name because of anyone special," he hinted knowingly.

"I'm naming her after a very sweet, kindhearted man," Charlie smiled happily. "Come here Wally! Come on, Precious! Oh, aren't you so cute? What dog breed is she, Adam?"

"A golden retriever," he sighed, trying to shake Wally from his hand, for the puppy was getting more insistent in her pursuit of the smell of bacon. "I'd better go get the puppy chow before I lose my fingers."

After breakfast, Charlie took her puppy out into the garden and laughed as it played in the grass, chasing the patterns of water that the new sprinkler created. Adam had left the master bedroom door open, and Chuck soon wandered in, lured by the sound of laughter and puppy yaps.

"Over here, Chuck," Adam called to his father-in-law. Chuck cautiously crossed the lawn and stayed by Adam's side as Charlie played with Wally in the sprinkler. "It's a puppy," informed Adam.

Chuck grinned. "I know that."

"Do you want to pet it?"

Chuck quickly shook his head "no," but continued to watch until Wally ventured close to his leg. "Hello, Puppy," he softly called to the small dog. Curious, Wally took a small step forward and sniffed Chuck's hand. When the hand began gently stroking her fur, Wally rolled onto her back so Chuck could also rub her belly. After several moments of puppy tail wagging, she rolled over and rejoined Charlie. Chuck stood up and smiled at Adam.

"Did you like that?" grinned Adam.

"That's a good dog," nodded Chuck in approval. Before long, Vera appeared and took Chuck back to his room for a nap.

Now that they were alone, Adam locked the master bedroom door and returned to the garden to spend some private time with Charlie.

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man [Adam] availeth much."
~ James 5:16 ~

end of chapter
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