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Charlie sighed patiently. "The lawn looks particularly nice today, don't you think?"

"The lawn?" Adam looked out the open door and gasped in surprise. In the middle of the lawn, a tall shiny brass structure with spinning wheels and rotating squares, gracefully danced and spun about each other, while rhythmically sending small jets of water into the air before watering the grass. The movement was very eye-catching, and even a little hypnotic.

"It's my anniversary present to you," explained Charlie.

Adam left his breakfast and went to the door to get a better look. "It's beautiful, Honey. I've never see anything like it!"

"I was hoping you hadn't," smiled Charlie, coming to his side. "I had the hardest time trying to find something you didn't already have, or had already tried."

"I've never had one of these," chuckled Adam. "What's it called?"

"It's a copper art sprinkler," explained Charlie. "Dave's brother makes them."

"Does he really?" Adam was grinning even harder now. "I guess ole' Dave's been keeping a lot of secrets, lately."

"What are you talking about?" wondered Charlie.

"He's been keeping my present over at his bungalow," confessed Adam.

Charlie's face brightened, and Adam couldn't help but laugh at her girlish excitement.

"Wait here, and I'll get it," he smiled, planting a kiss on her cheek before leaving. Still in his pajamas, Adam walked out the bedroom door.

Several minutes later, he reappeared with a large square box that had a shiny red bow on top. "Sorry it took so long," he laughed, "but I had a little trouble with your gift. It sprung a leak, and I'm afraid it spoiled some of the wrapping paper." Adam turned the box around so Charlie could see the wet spot. As the box turned, something slid inside and let out a small whimper.

"Adam?" Charlie's mouth was open in wonderment. "What'd you get me?"

With a chuckle, Adam placed the box on Charlie's lap and stood back so he could properly see her reaction.

The box wriggled impatiently on Charlie's lap while she unfastened the bow and pulled off the top. Two large questioning brown eyes greeted hers, as if wondering why it had been placed in the box.

"Oh, Adam!" Charlie cried with delight. "A puppy!" She lifted the small furry animal out of its confinement and placed it onto the bed.

Adam took away the box and the puppy immediately located Charlie's lap and climbed onto it to be petted.

"He's absolutely darling!" breathed Charlie, as her hand glided over its soft golden fur.

"I'm glad you think so," grinned Adam, "but it so happens that he is a she."

Charlie picked up the puppy and gave it a hug, while it squirmed to get free and explore its new surroundings. "I'm going to call her Wally," declared Charlie.
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