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"She isn't hurting anything," insisted Charlie, bending down to give Wally another scratch behind the ears.

Adam laughed. "Then tell her to stop howling! If I knew that little fuzz-ball was going to get in the way of your practice..."

"Don't say that in front of you-know-who!" Charlie gasped indignantly. "Wally, don't you pay attention to a thing he says!"

Wally's tail wagged happily, as Charlie picked the puppy up and set it in her lap.

"That dog has never listened to me before," sighed Adam, "so I don't know why it should start now. Charlie, put the puppy down, and let's get back to work!"

Charlie kissed her playful Wally and put her back on the floor. As Charlie was about to start the duet with Adam, she suddenly broke out in peals of laughter.

"I'm sorry, Adam," laughed Charlie, "but Wally's licking my leg!"

Helplessly, Adam turned to his secretary working at the desk. "Could you do something about that dog?"

"Come here, Troublemaker," Dave clapped his hands to the Golden Retriever. "You need to leave them alone, Wally. The benefit concert is in a few days, and they need practice!"

Charlie sighed. The concert was fast approaching, and whenever she thought about it for too long, she would become frightened. To Adam, this was another concert, but for Charlie, this was the biggest opportunity she had ever had of making him look ridiculous in front of absolutely everyone. The music industry would be turning out in large droves to support this benefit, and Adam's peers would be there to see them play their duet for the very first time. When Charlie wasn't practicing, she was praying. She felt it would take a miracle to pull this off successfully.

The next day found Charlie in the master bedroom, packing for the flight into Texas where the concert would be held. Plodding around on the mattress, Wally tugged at Charlie's neatly folded clothing, and curiously sniffed every corner of the open suitcases.

Pulling his luggage out of the closet, Adam placed it on the bed and unzipped one side to begin his own packing. When Wally saw this new object, she eagerly investigated it as well.

"Bill will meet us at the airfield," said Adam, "and he's made a reservation for us at the hotel, so everything is all set. Do you think Chuck and Vera will be all right without us? I know we're taking Dave along, but after all the work he's put into this, I thought he should be there. It'll be a golden chance for him to meet others in the recording industry."

"I'm glad you invited him," approved Charlie. "Dave's certainly earned it."

Adam placed a few shirts into the suitcase while Wally stuck one paw inside to get a closer sniff. "Get out of there, Wally!" he exclaimed. "You're getting fur all over my clothes!"

"Daddy will be all right," answered Charlie, lifting her curious dog onto the floor. "Grandma and Mrs. Freemont will stay with him at Uncle Jerome's house while we're gone, so he should be fine. Will we have a chance to practice before the concert?"
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