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"You don't have your license yet?" asked Dave in surprise. "I thought you were eighteen."

"I am," sighed Charlie, as Kevin headed for the bathroom, "but I've been so busy with other things, it hasn't come up."

"Why do you need to drive?" reasoned Adam, finishing the last of his coffee. "You have Kevin to take you anywhere you want to go."

With an understanding nod, Charlie explained her situation to Dave. "Adam doesn't like my driving."

"I like it," differed her husband. "I just feel more comfortable, when I'm behind the wheel."

"Ha!" laughed Charlie.

"If you can talk Kevin into it," laughed Adam, "then you have my blessing to do all the driving you want!"

Charlie's eyebrows shot up, as Adam's remark gave her an idea. "Come on, Dave," she announced, getting up from her chair, "let's go bring the SUV around."

At the sound of jingling keys, Wally began jumping up and down in excitement.

"Sorry, Girl," Charlie apologized. "You're staying home this time." With Wally barking at their heels, Charlie and Dave headed out the front door.

Adam frowned. Hadn't she forgotten something?

Just then, Charlie returned to get her purse. As she passed Adam, she gave him the good-bye kiss he had been expecting.

"Stay safe," Adam called after her.

After Charlie and Dave brought the SUV around to the front of the house, Charlie used the car remote to unlock the gates of Villa Rosa, and they automatically swung open.

"Aren't you goin' to wait for Kevin?" asked Dave in surprise.

Smiling, Charlie drove the vehicle through the gates and onto the paved road, away from Drywell.

"Uh, Charlie?" Dave was looking nervous. "Isn't it a bad idea to leave without your bodyguard?"

"We're only going into Palm Springs," resisted Charlie, "and besides, if Kevin came, he wouldn't let me drive."

Just then, Charlie's cell phone rang, and she handed it to Dave. "I think I'll let you be the one to talk to Adam," she laughed.

Hesitantly, Dave accepted the phone. "Hi, Adam," he greeted his boss. "Yeah, she left without Kevin. I told her it wasn't a good idea, but..." Dave paused as he listened. "Okay, I'll tell her. [pause] I can handle it, don't worry." Dave closed the cell phone and Charlie glanced at him suspiciously.

"You aren't going to wrestle the wheel away from me, are you?" she asked, half jokingly.

"Adam isn't too happy," informed Dave, "but he said as long as I stayed with you, you could keep goin'."

Charlie smiled behind the wheel. "It feels good to be free of hovering bodyguards with loaded weapons, doesn't it?"
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