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"Go on," she demanded. "Now that I think about it, you've been pretty quiet through all this, and now I think I understand why."

"Then tell me," asked Adam.

"Oh no," Charlie shook her head, "if you want me to answer that question, you're going to have to be the one to say it-- not me." She looked at him accusingly. "Well? Aren't you going to say it?"

"Charlie," sighed Adam, "this isn't easy."

"If you actually DO say it, I should hope it isn't easy!" she exclaimed.

"I'm not going to ask," replied Adam, "because I already know the answer. I just wanted..." he hesitated. "I need you to understand the temptation I'm under right now."

Charlie's bottom lip quivered, and fresh tears welled in her brown eyes. "You don't believe me?"

"Of course I believe you," he sighed. "Please, don't take it that way, Charlie!"

"Which way am I supposed to take it?" she cried. "You think I might have been un-- unfaithful!" All her weeping had given her the hiccups, and Charlie suddenly found it difficult to talk uninterrupted.

"I don't think that," Adam tried to assure her, patting her back to help ease the hiccups.

"Then wha-- what temptation are you ta-- talking about?"

"I know you wouldn't have an affair with anyone but me--"

"Thank you!"

"But," continued Adam, "I'm having a little trouble explaining the baby to myself."

"And what is yourself saying?" pressed Charlie, her hiccups backing off with renewed indignation.

With a sigh, Adam rubbed his eyes and looked at his wife. "The doctors told me this was impossible."

Indignantly, Charlie put her hands on her hips. "And who are you going to believe... the doctors, or your wife?"

"Even though I can't explain it," replied Adam, "and even though I don't think my doctors can either, I choose to believe my wife."

"You do?" Charlie looked at him hopefully.

Adam smiled. "I do."

"Then, how are you going to explain all this to yourself?" she tested.

"Well," Adam sighed thoughtfully, "if I trust my wife, which I do, I suppose the only alternative left me, is to believe that God pulled off the impossible."

"But," Charlie wondered, "why would God do that, when it'll probably pass on the AD gene to yet another generation?"
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