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Adam quietly regarded his wife and then smiled. "I don't think this baby will have AD, Charlie. God's going to a lot of trouble to give us a child, and I'm inclined to think it's because He's going to make the baby perfectly healthy. God knows we did our best to be responsible, but He overruled us. Our baby won't have AD," predicted Adam.

"You said, 'our baby,'" Charlie smiled slightly. "I've been waiting to hear you say that."

Adam reached out and touched Charlie's face.

"I'd never hurt you," she whispered.

"I know," he nodded. "Come here, Honey." Adam hugged Charlie, and the two sat beside each other on the bed, quietly thinking over what had just happened.

"We're going to have a baby," Adam finally shook his head in wonderment. "I'm actually going to be a father!" He grinned at Charlie. "Is it going to be a girl or a boy?"

"How should I know?" laughed Charlie. "It's too soon to tell! Besides, I have yet to even start showing." Then she realized something for the first time. "This explains why my period is late. I've been wondering why it hasn't started."

"You're late?" asked Adam in surprise. "Why didn't you suspect you were pregnant?"

Charlie gave him a patient sigh. "You weren't supposed to be able to do this to me, remember? How could I possibly guess what was going on?" Thinking better of it, Charlie scolded herself. "I suppose an older woman with more experience would have known, without a doctor having to tell her the obvious."

"This wasn't very obvious," he conceded, giving his wife a tender squeeze. "I guess God surprised both of us."

"Thank you for trusting me," Charlie kissed Adam's cheek.

"As long as I remind myself of your character," Adam hugged her, "then it's not that hard to do."

Charlie smiled contentedly. "We're going to have a sweet little bundle of our very own! I can't wait to tell Maggie!"

Adam smiled as Charlie hurried away to call her good friend. He was delighted to see Charlie so happy over the prospect of a baby, and he had to admit to some excitement, himself.

While Charlie broke the news to a thrilled Maggie, Adam got in the pickup truck with his bodyguard and drove to his sister's house on the outskirts of Twin Yucca. He wanted to be the one to break the news to Shirley, and decided it would be best if Charlie wasn't present.

Shirley was glad to see her brother, but by the look on his face, she could tell he had something important to tell her.

"Well, spit it out and let's hear it," prodded Shirley. "Is this bad news, or good?"

"It's good," assured Adam. "Charlie and I are going to have a baby."

Shirley's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "She's pregnant?"

"The doctor called this evening with her test results," affirmed Adam. "Charlie thought she had the same stomach bug as Dave, but it turns out she doesn't."
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