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Shirley looked torn between excitement and suspicion. Adam could see it in her eyes, and braced himself for what he figured was coming.

"I'm happy for you," she smiled approvingly. "For the sake of the Clark family name, I hope it's a boy!"

"Is that all you have to say?" Adam was surprised. "I was prepared for something a little less congratulatory, and something more along the lines of an accusation."

"Then, the thought HAD cross your mind," Shirley deduced. "I suppose with news like this, it's bound to make you think twice."

"It shook me up a bit," confessed Adam.

Shirley patted her brother's hand consolingly. "I can't speak for other couples where unfaithfulness was in the marriage, but when Thomas cheated on me, I knew it. If I didn't know it here," she said, pointing to her mind, "then I knew it here, in my heart. The very fact you still trust Charlie, proves what your heart is telling you: it's safe to believe her."

Hearing this, Adam hugged Shirley. "Thanks for believing her, too."

Shirley laughed and returned her brother's hug. "So, you're going to be a Daddy? I wish Mom had lived to see this day! She would have been so happy, Adam!"

"I'd better get back home," apologized Adam. "I think dinner was nearly ready when I left, but I wanted to be the one to tell you the news."

"Then you'd better get going," smiled Shirley, giving her brother one last hug before he left. "Tell Charlie not to get anything for the baby, until I throw her a baby shower. And I hope you start giving some thought to baby names! I won't force my opinion, but it would be nice if you named the child after Dad or Mom!"

"I'll tell Charlie to expect your call," grinned Adam knowingly. "Thanks again, Sis."

When Adam returned to Villa Rosa after his errand, the table was set and everyone was waiting to eat dinner. Someone had invited Dave, and he smiled broadly as Adam took his customary place at the head of the table.

"Sorry I'm late," apologized Adam. "Charlie, I told Shirley about our good news. I think she's already planning a shower for you and the baby, so you'd better brace yourself!"

Dave shook Adam's hand and looked every bit as happy as a man could, for his friend. "I reckon your duet did its job!" he chuckled.

Adam looked at Charlie, and Charlie looked at Adam. They hadn't even considered it, but Dave was probably right. They had been so busy being together, preparing for the concert, and striking the right notes so their music would be in harmony, that they hadn't been in each other's company so much since their honeymoon. The very thought made Adam's heart glow warm with contentment, and Charlie's mouth parted in a pleased smile.

Then Adam felt something paw at his leg, and he looked down to see Wally, begging for some table scraps.

"No, Girl," he shook his head. "You already had your supper."

Wally barked and wagged her tail. She was getting bigger, but was still small enough to have her puppy dog endearments and knew that with enough coaxing, she could charm her people into anything.
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