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After dinner, everyone climbed into the SUV for the long drive home. Charlie easily fell asleep in her seat, and the next time she awoke, Adam was lifting her onto their bed.

When Charlie stirred the next morning, she found Adam still beside her. At first she thought Adam had accidentally slept in, for sunlight was filtering through their curtains and he usually left while it was still dark outside. Then Charlie remembered that Adam no longer had to take his early morning trips into LA, for all the recording for the album was finished.

Instead of locking their bedroom door for a week, Adam and Charlie spent the day in their garden, enjoying each other's company, and simply relaxing without the pressures of audio engineers and recording studios bearing down on them.

Having a kind of holiday of his own, Dave relished his time off by working on his composition in the music room. It was nice to have so much uninterrupted time to himself, and Dave found he accomplished a lot of work by dinnertime.

After dinner that evening, Dave's newly composed piece filled the courtyard and floated into the living room where the family was watching television. Adam muted the program, and listened to Dave's music.

"He's getting good," acknowledged Adam.

"Did Dave tell you about his job offer?" wondered Charlie.

"What are you talking about?" frowned Adam.

"The University of Los Angeles wants him to join their faculty as an assistant professor of music," she informed Adam. "Dave has the degree and the qualifications to fill the position."

Adam sighed. "Why isn't he telling me this, himself?"

Charlie shrugged, but looked at her husband with a gentle smile. "I don't think he wants to hurt your feelings," she guessed. "Dave thinks a lot of you, you know."

Adam shifted on the couch while Dave's music continued to waft in from the courtyard. "Is he going to accept the university's offer?"

"I don't know," replied Charlie.

"Un-mute the television," requested Chuck, for he was missing his show.

Adam turned the sound back on, and tried to enjoy what they had been watching. When the program was over, he got up and went to the music room to find Dave working in his composer's notebook at the desk.

"You're sounding good this evening," complimented Adam, taking a seat at his piano and running his fingers across the keyboard.

"Thanks," Dave's face brightened at the compliment.

"Charlie tells me you've had a good job offer," ventured Adam, glancing at his secretary.

Dave hesitated. "Yes, I've been meaning to talk to you about that."

"Do you think you're going to accept?" inquired Adam.
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