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"Boy or girl, plumber or pianist," joked Adam, "we'll love it just the same! Let's hear it, Doctor. What do we have?"

The obstetrician smiled. "You've got a boy." He moved the ultrasound probe over Charlie's abdomen and pointed to the monitor screen. "See? It's definitely a boy."

Charlie felt Adam grab her hand, while his eyes remained glued to the screen. The small life forming inside Charlie's womb moved, and Adam's smile grew so that she didn't think his grin could get any bigger.

"Charlie-girl, just look what you've got in there," Adam breathed in amazement. His fingers lightly touched the screen, and the baby moved. "I can see his arms, and his..." Adam counted to three and then burst into knowing laughter. "He has three legs right now!"

"It's the angle of the ultrasound," explained the doctor, moving the probe until Adam could get a more accurate view. "See, the third leg in the middle isn't a leg at all."

The examination went well, and Charlie's obstetrician was happy with the progress that the baby was making inside her womb.

"It's a good thing Shirley had everyone buy things in gender neutral colors," Charlie commented, as Adam helped her back into their car in the parking lot.

"Does it really make that big of a difference what color things are?" asked Adam, for he was colorblind, and didn't always know what he was missing.

"Do you want your son wearing pink?" laughed Charlie, as Kevin and their second bodyguard got into the truck after Adam.

"From the way you're laughing," concluded the expectant father, "I suppose I don't."

"Thanks for not scheduling a concert so you could be here for my doctor's appointment."

"I said you weren't going to have this baby by yourself," chuckled Adam, "and I meant it!"

"We still haven't decided on a name," reminded Charlie, leaning back in her seat while Adam fastened her safety belt securely beneath her belly. "I can do that for myself, Adam. I'm not helpless."

"I know you're not," he smiled.

"Shirley wants us to name him Matthew, after your father," continued Charlie, as Adam started up the engine. "I'm just not sure, though."

"Would you rather name him after your father?" wondered Adam.

"No," Charlie shook her head, "I don't like the sound of Charlton Clark very much. It somehow sounds lopsided."

"I kind of like Matthew," Adam admitted. "I'm not trying to give in to my sister, but she had a good suggestion."

"Matthew," Charlie tested his name out loud. "Matthew Clark. What about his middle name?"

"How about Charlton?" suggested Adam. "We could name him after both our fathers."

"Matthew Charlton Clark." Charlie smiled. "I suppose that has a distinguished ring to it. Can you imagine an announcer saying that name, and our son going onstage to his piano?"
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