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"Our son," Adam repeated in awe. He gave Charlie a quick glance before turning the truck onto the highway back to Villa Rosa. "We're actually going to have a son, Charlie!"

Halfway home, Adam noticed they were running low on fuel, and pulled into a gas station to refill their tank. When Adam went inside the station's mart to buy a soft drink for Charlie's upset stomach, his bodyguard followed him inside, while Kevin remained in the truck with his client.

When Adam returned, his face looked so somber that Charlie immediately knew something was wrong. Then he showed her who was on the cover of a well-known tabloid, and Charlie immediately recognized the photos they advertised.

"Lyle must've found a buyer," sighed Adam. "Now that I have a new album out, it's a good time for him to profit off of my publicity. I had almost forgotten about those pictures, and there they were, staring at me in the checkout!" Adam handed Charlie her soft drink and then got behind the wheel. "I'll contact our lawyer after we get home."

Having only heard about the incident with Lyle, Kevin looked over the front seat to see the pictures for himself. He sure wished he had been around to discourage Lyle from doing what he had done, but at least it had finally prompted Adam to get a bodyguard of his own.

The Clark's pickup truck passed through Villa Rosa's secure wrought iron gates, and came to a stop in front of the main house. The driver's door popped open and Adam hurried around to the other side of the vehicle before Charlie attempted to climb out on her own. Then the couple went inside to tell everyone their news about the baby.

"It's a boy!" announced Adam.

Pleased, Vera put down her knitting and got up from her recliner to hug Adam and Charlie. Somewhat confused, Chuck stared at them and tried to make sense of it all. Sometimes, things were too much for Chuck to understand, and he would rely on his mother or daughter's expression to determine whether something was bad or good. Right now the women were smiling, so Chuck concluded that it was safe to be happy.

"The doctor wants Charlie to have more protein in her diet," continued Adam, helping his wife onto the sofa, even though she protested that she could sit down without his assistance. "Charlie needs to have meat in her diet, because she's not getting enough protein from what we're currently eating."

"Mabel and I will see to it," Vera nodded, referring to her friend and housekeeper, Mrs. Freemont.

"Charlie's doctor also said she needs to gain more weight," Adam sighed in concern.

"Only five pounds, Grandma," smiled Charlie, half afraid Vera would stuff her full of food. "I'm doing good, and so is the baby."

"Tonight, we're going to have fried chicken," Vera patted her granddaughter's hand consolingly. "That'll put some weight on you."

With a whimper, Charlie noted the relieved look on Adam's face. She knew it was fruitless to protest and reluctantly decided to accept her fate. In need of a nap, Charlie reclined on the couch while Adam placed a throw pillow behind her head to make sure she was comfortable.

"I'm all right," insisted Charlie. "You don't have to hover over me."
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