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"I wonder what Wallace means," she wondered out loud.

"Here's Chuck's rocking chair," announced Adam, carrying the piece of furniture into the master bedroom. "Try it, Charlie. Maybe you can get some rest while you're rocking the baby." Adam helped his very pregnant wife off the bed and gently seated her in the comfortable chair.

"Would you get my book?" Charlie asked him.

"Is this what you've been reading all night?" wondered Adam, taking a quick look at the book before giving it to Charlie.

"Not all night." Charlie squirmed as her son gave her another kick. She began rocking back and forth, and reopened her book. "Adam, did you know that 'Wallace' means 'Welshman'?"

"No, I didn't," Adam yawned, checking the time once more. It was very late.

"Is your family Welsh?" she wondered.

"Not that I'm aware of," he smiled sleepily. "Do you need me to stay up with you?"

"After all those nights when I helped your insomnia," she lightly joked, "you want to run out on me now?"

Adam defended himself with a handsome smile. "Hey, I'm offering to stay up!"

"Go to bed," sighed Charlie, returning her attention to the book. "Did you know that 'Charlton' means 'a peasant's settlement'?"

Shaking his head, Adam rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Wally, get off the bed," he ordered the dog.

Wally's tail flopped back and forth hopefully, as if begging to stay.

"You're not a puppy," Adam warned her, "so those brown eyes won't work on me anymore."

Charlie slowly rocked back and forth in Chuck's rocking chair. "Matthew, please hold still for a while so I can go to sleep," she begged.

A brilliant flash momentarily lit the sliding door's curtain, and Wally let out a nervous yip! It was quickly followed by a crash of thunder that shook the windowpanes and sent Wally scrambling beneath the covers to hide.

"Off the bed," repeated Adam.

"Sounds like a storm's coming." Charlie looked up at the ceiling as though she could see straight through it. "We might be in for some rain," she predicted.

Another roll of thunder crashed overhead and Wally whimpered from under the blankets.

"Can't Wally sleep on the bed tonight?" begged Charlie. "The thunder is frightening her!"

"Oh, I suppose so," Adam gave in, as another crack of thunder boomed across their rooftop. With a loving smile, he bent over the rocking chair and kissed his wife. "This is one pair of brown eyes I never expect to get over," he sighed. "Is my name in that book of yours?"
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