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With a thankful heart, Adam put away the satellite phone. Dr. Ron had done all he could, and the poor man could go back to bed. For Adam, however, sleep was the furthest from his mind. He had to clean up the afterbirth, and make the mattress a suitable place for Charlie to rest.

Trying to be as gentle as he could, Adam removed the bottom half of Charlie's blanket and began cleaning Matthew's afterbirth from the bed. With an amazed sigh, Adam realized that he had just helped to deliver his own baby!

After taking care of the more obvious cleanup tasks, Adam noticed Charlie's eyes were open. "Are you hungry?" he asked. "Dr. Ron said you should eat something as soon as you're able."

"I think I'm still bleeding," she mumbled.

"I know," Adam sighed. "It's much less than before, though. Dr. Ron said you're doing good."

Charlie smiled faintly. "I'll eat," she whispered.

"I'll be right back," Adam assured her.

Pushing back the blanket, Charlie gazed at Matthew's tiny form asleep against her chest. "So, you were the one kicking me so hard," she gently cooed to her son. Matthew let out a small cry, and Charlie moved him so he could continue nursing a little easier.

Tired again, Charlie closed her eyes until she felt a strong hand touch her shoulder.

"Here's your food," Adam coaxed. "I fixed you some applesauce and a few cookies. Do you want something to drink first?"

Charlie accepted a sip from the straw Adam placed in her mouth. She was amazed at how good the cold juice felt in her dry mouth.

"It's raining," Adam informed Charlie, as she ate her applesauce. "There's probably going to be a rainbow in the morning."

"Daddy?" she inquired.

"He's doing fine," smiled Adam. "Kevin has been checking on him, and said Chuck slept through all the excitement."

"Good," sighed Charlie, trying to force herself to finish the meal. "I'm so tired, Adam."

"I know," he smiled. "You look it."

Charlie slowly ate her cookies while Adam remained close to her bedside. He looked tired himself, though not as much as Charlie did.

"Could I take a shower?" she asked, finishing her glass of juice. "I think I have the strength for it."

"Are you sure?" hesitated Adam. Her bedding needed to be changed in the worst possible way, but he wasn't sure he liked the thought of her trying to stand up so soon.
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