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Charlie lovingly folded the letter and examined the tightly closed eyelids of her husband. She leaned over him, letting her hair lightly graze his face.

Adam flinched, but kept his eyes shut.

"If my husband were awake," Charlie mused out loud, "I'd give him a great big kiss right about now."

A smile crept across Adam's face. Then he felt the touch of Charlie's lips against his closed eyes, and could hold himself back no longer. He eagerly met Charlie's mouth in such a loving kiss, Charlie had to pull away from him or risk intimacy that she wasn't ready for.

"I just gave birth," she reminded him with a laughing smile.

Adam gazed into her eyes and sighed contentedly. "I love you, Charlie."

"Do you love the weight I picked up while I was pregnant?" she tested him.

"I love every pound."

"What about the stretch marks on my belly?"

"They do wonders for you."

"I'm sure they do!" Charlie laughed, as Adam gently rolled her onto her back.

"I wouldn't make a single change," he breathed, looking down at her with love kindling in his eyes. For a moment, Charlie was worried he wouldn't remember that she had just come home from the hospital. "I'm waiting," he told her expectantly.

"Waiting for what?"

"I wrote a love letter, told you how beautiful you look, and now I want a letter of my own."

"I don't have any paper," Charlie informed him. "And I don't have a pen."

"If you did," proposed Adam, "what would you write?"

"Well," she hesitated, "I suppose I'd say, 'I love you very much.'"

"Is that all?" he asked, feigning disappointment.

Charlie wanted to giggle at his overly-sincere face, but she didn't. Her heart had something she wanted to tell him: "Thank you for trusting me, Adam."

Adam was about to respond with a joke, but he stopped short and could only smile his affection.

"You didn't need to see Matthew, before believing that he was your son," continued Charlie, "and I love you for it."

"Thank you for loving me," he murmured in a husky voice. Tenderly, Adam leaned down and kissed his wife. He would have done more, but remembered her condition and backed off before he became too serious.

"I guess we'd better get up and face the day," groaned Adam. "Melvin's flying in so we can prepare a statement for the press concerning Matthew's birth, and Shirley will be visiting after lunch. I think she intends to help you get well," grinned Adam.
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