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"As soon as we drive these people back, I'm taking you to Dr. Estrada," declared Frank. For a minute, Charlton thought Frank knew. Then he remembered that Dr. Estrada was also Frank's doctor. The group was taken back to the store, and their money refunded to them. All too soon for Charlton, they were in front of Dr. Estrada's office.

Dr. Estrada was a happy man by nature. He greeted all his patients as though they were long lost friends. This time however, his face was not happy when he greeted Charlton and Frank. After instructing Frank to wait outside the office, Dr. Estrada ordered Charlton to sit down on the examination table.

"Normally," the doctor began, "I stay out of the personal lives of my patients. At medical school they practically brand us with the motto, 'never get personally involved with a patient.'" Dr. Estrada ordered Charlton to undress. While he examined the patient, he continued to talk. "Chuck, I consider myself your friend, and as your friend, I must protest the way you are running your life. Should I keep my nose out of other peoples' business? Maybe. My wife, God bless her, constantly tells me to mind my own business. I tell her, 'My friends are my business.' When they don't feel good, I take it personally." The doctor raised his eyebrows. "Am I getting through to you, Chuck?" Charlton smiled weakly. "Good, then maybe this time, you will take my prescription more seriously," Dr. Estrada continued. "I'm not talking about medication. I could prescribe all the meds available to people in your condition, but the absolute best thing you can do for yourself is to be with family. Emotional instability aggravates Alzheimer's. Stabilize the love and support around you, and you will minimize the intensity of these episodes. Am I reaching you?" asked the doctor.

"What do you want me to do?" responded Charlton, his voice verging on helpless frustration. "Do you want me to go get Charlie? Do you want her to see me like this?" cried Charlton.

"Chuck," said Dr. Estrada, placing his hand on Charlton's shoulder, "I don't know how long you have before you won't even recognize her. Alzheimer's progresses greatly from individual to individual. I can tell you that Alzheimer's is a degenerative disease. You will get worse. The only question here, is time-- something you don't have much of, my friend."

"Charlie can't take care of me by herself," said Charlton, thoughtfully. "I can't do that to her. The responsibility would overwhelm her. You should have seen the faces of my camping group," remarked Charlton. "They were overwhelmed by something they didn't understand, and it scared them. I know it scared me."

"The unknown always frightens us. Truth is important because it helps us to understand the inevitable, and arms us with the facts to prepare for it," sagely counselled the doctor. "You have other family, don't you? I believe a brother... Jerome, am I right?"

"Yes, Jerome. He's my older brother," answered Charlton.

"Where does older brother, Jerome, live?" asked Dr. Estrada.

"The last I heard, he was in Southern California-- someplace called Twin Yucca. I don't know... I haven't spoken with him in years. He might be there, he might not," said Charlton, in a voice that suggested he didn't care.

"Go find Older Brother Jerome," ordered Dr. Estrada. "It's not safe for you to live by yourself anymore."

Frank got up from his seat when Charlton left the good doctor's office.

"Are you going to be OK?" he asked, as they walked to the van parked outside. Charlton no longer felt it was possible to keep his diagnosis a secret. Frank had suspicioned something was wrong even before the disastrous camping trip. Charlton hesitated.
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