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Charlie searched the house from top to bottom, except for one room on the second floor that was locked. Charlie ran downstairs and back into the yard where Adam was reviving himself. The adrenaline of Chuck's disappearance was now kicking in, and Adam now had no trouble staying awake.

"Did you find him?" asked Adam.

"No, but I couldn't search one of the rooms because the door was locked!" answered Charlie, trying to catch her breath.

"When I'm not in that room, the door always remains locked," replied Adam, somewhat mysteriously. "He's not here, Charlie."

"Uncle Jerome has organized a search party. He says if we don't find him in the next twenty-four hours, then he could die of dehydration or hypothermia!" cried Charlie, nearing hysteria.

Adam took her by the shoulders and looked evenly into her face. A peaceful calm descended on her. Adam closed his eyes and began to pray.

"Dear Heavenly Father," he began, out loud, "we know not what to do, but our eyes are upon Thee. Send an angel to wherever Chuck is, and keep him safe and warm. Lead us to him, Lord, and grant us the wisdom to know where to look. In Jesus' name, Amen."

"Thank you, I needed that," said Charlie, collecting her thoughts for the first time since Chuck had been missing.

"Where would you go if you were your father?" asked Adam.

"He has Alzheimer's," reminded Charlie, "he's not thinking rationally."

"I know, but it's a starting place," shrugged Adam. "Think, Charlie. You know him better than anyone. Where would he go?"

"I can see my breath," said Charlie. "It's getting colder."

"What about your school?" asked Adam. "What if he's on his way to your school?" The suggestion had validity.

"But, that's all the way in Joshua Tree," said Charlie. "Surely, he wouldn't even think of making that distance on foot in this weather!"

"Come on," said Adam, taking Charlie's hand and nearly dragging her to the van.

"That's miles of open desert," continued Charlie, as she climbed in. "If he doesn't stick to the road, he'll get lost, and then we'll never find him in time!"

"Yes, we will," asserted Adam, starting the engine and backing down the driveway. "God is with us!"

A black moon shrouded the Mojave plains in darkness so that Charlie could not see past the headlights of the van. Charlie aimed her flashlight out the window, imitating a searchlight. She had never remembered the drive to school taking this long, before.

"Are you sure we're going in the right direction?" asked Charlie, looking to Adam for reassurance.

"I'm sure," replied Adam. "Let's just pray your father is, also."

Just as Charlie turned the flashlight back outside her window, she saw something bright flash by them.

"Stop!" shouted Charlie. "Back up! I thought I saw something!"

Adam carefully backed up. Charlie unexpectedly swung open the door and sprang from the van.

"Charlie!" called out Adam, jumping out to see where she had gone. Five feet in front of him, Adam saw a beam of light searching the shoulder of the road. He could barely make out Charlie's form against the night sky. "Do you see anything?" he shouted. The beam of light turned around and slowly came back to where he stood.

"It was only a rabbit," said Charlie, disappointedly.

"Come on," coaxed Adam, "we've a few miles to go before we reach Galilee."

When they pulled into Galilee Christian School's empty parking lot, both got out of the van and searched the premises on foot. The actual grounds were locked, making it impossible for Chuck to be inside. After a half hour of searching, they climbed back into the van.

Charlie stuck the tips of her fingers in her mouth to warm them.

"Here," offered Adam, taking off his gloves and handing them to her, "you wear them for awhile."

Charlie put her hands inside Adam's large gloves, taking comfort from their warmth. Every step of the way, Adam had refused to let her despair. No matter how desperate the situation seemed, Adam was confident that God wouldn't let her down. His confidence had a bolstering effect on Charlie's faith.

"He has to be somewhere," said Adam thoughtfully, his hand on the ignition. Suddenly, a thought came to him. His face broke out in half a smile. "It can't be that simple," he muttered.

Charlie looked at him in bewilderment. What was he talking about? Without a word, Adam quickly jumped out and opened the large sliding door on the van.

"Charlie!" he cried, "come here!"

Charlie ran to Adam and looked where he was pointing. There, on the floor of the van, huddled against some plumbing equipment, was Chuck. He was fast asleep, huddled under a canvas tarpaulin. Charlie cried with delight and jumped in.

"I must have forgotten to lock up the van after I drove home," mused Adam, thoughtfully. "Looks like Chuck just climbed in and made himself comfortable!"

"He's so cold!" said Charlie, feeling his hands and face. Adam climbed in and lifted Chuck outside.
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