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The living room was strewn with balls of crumpled paper and more than one pair of dirty socks. When Charlie attempted to tidy the floor, she was hurriedly called off by Gary, who insisted that everything remain untouched.

Take-out containers from lunch were scattered across the kitchen table. Besides being messy houseguests, the men had nearly snacked the refrigerator empty. Just as Charlie had finished making a grocery list, she heard Adam's voice in the living room, having just returned from the Garner house.

"How's it going?" asked Adam, sitting down on the sofa and fumbling through the schedule book. "Hummm," he said thoughtfully, "looks like you guys are going to keep me busy."

"Yeah," muttered Gary, only halfway listening, "could you tell her to stay out of the way?"

"Who?" asked Adam.

"That girl," mumbled Gary. "She came in here and tried to clean up my notes."

"And please tell her to talk quietly," added Melvin, "especially when I'm on the phone."

"Oh, you mean Charlie," said Adam, half smiling. "Where is she?"

"In the kitchen," replied Bill. "Does she fix dinner? I'm getting hungry."

"No," answered Adam, walking to the kitchen, "she has a father and grandma to fix dinner for."

"Hi, Charlie!" Adam greeted her.

"I saw you on T.V.," she smiled.

"How do you think it went?" he asked. "Did I look as nervous as I felt?"

"Not at all," replied Charlie. "You handled yourself very well."

Just then, from the kitchen, they overheard Gary saying to Bill,

"We've got the Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City dates confirmed! I've never had such an easy time trying to get bookings!" Gary exclaimed. "The second they hear the name Wallace Shipley, they're interested!"

"When are you leaving?" asked Charlie, almost afraid of the answer.

"I'm not sure, exactly," answered Adam, leaning against the kitchen counter. "I think the first date is in July."

"Next month," sighed Charlie.

"That reminds me," said Adam, "I need to talk to you about your job. Bill suggested that I hire a full-time caretaker."

"I thought you said I would be looking after the house," replied Charlie, surprised.

Adam hesitated.

"That was before I knew the house would have to remain in constant readiness," he said. "I didn't think I'd be back here except for brief visits, but the guys want to use the house as a place to stay when we're between engagements."

"I could do that," said Charlie, "though I can't live here, I could keep the house ready."

"Are you sure? The house must remain in working order," replied Adam. "It's possible that I could be back at any time, so I'm afraid you won't have very much head notice, if any."

"I'm still listening," replied Charlie.

"The utilities will be left on, and mail will continue to be delivered here," resumed Adam. "When you come to work everyday, if you could get the mail and leave it on the desk-- that would be great."

"Does that mean I have the job?" asked Charlie.
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