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Unsure whether she should speak or not, Charlie ducked indoors. The house was hot and stale, giving it a feel of not being lived in recently. After adjusting the thermostat, she vacuumed, dusted, and put on the coffee. Charlie sat down in a chair next to the front living room window to wait for Adam's arrival. As the time drew closer, she noticed more reporters and camera crews setting up outside Adam's front gate.

Then, as if on cue, a long black limousine pulled up. The driver got out and opened the door... and there was Adam. He was wearing sunglasses, and this time, he didn't stop to talk to the press. He went up the walk, leaving Melvin and Bill to answer questions at the front gate. Gary followed Adam as he opened the door and stepped inside. When the door closed, Charlie ran to Adam, readily excepting the hug he offered.

"It's so good to be home," sighed Adam, looking about the room.

Gary went to the window and watched Melvin and Bill at work.

"I hate to admit it, but Bill is right," Gary observed.

"Two people died in that accident," reminded Adam, letting go of Charlie, and sitting down on the couch to take off his shoes.

"Even so," continued Gary, "you couldn't buy this kind of coverage. If you wanted to, we could easily extend the tour a year."

"Please don't start on that, again," replied Adam, wearily. "It's nice to come back to a home filled with the smell of coffee," smiled Adam to Charlie.

"Do you want me to get you some?" she asked, willing to be put into service.

"I'd like some coffee, too," said Gary, opening his laptop computer.

Charlie went to the kitchen. She placed four mugs of coffee onto a tray, along with the sugar and creamer, and carried it to the living room. Adam took a mug from the tray while Charlie set it on the coffee table. She sat down on the couch beside Adam, simply enjoying his presence.

"Do you want a sip?" asked Adam, offering her his cup.

Charlie took a small sip and sank back into the sofa, her legs comfortably folded beneath her. Gary noticed this little exchange and scowled, as if contemplating an unpleasant thought.

Just then, Melvin and Bill came through the front door.

"I've got first dibbs on the shower!" announced Bill, dropping his bags on the floor and immediately making his way upstairs.

"Do you want coffee?" asked Adam.

Bill turned around and took a mug off the tray. It was then that he noticed Charlie sitting on the sofa next to Adam.

"Well, well," he said with a smile, "if it isn't the heroine! I'd be an Arizona pancake right now if it weren't for you!" With that, he shook Charlie's hand.

"That's right," said Melvin, also shaking Charlie's hand, "we're very grateful."

Adam proudly watched on as even Gary admitted that she had been responsible for saving their lives. Gary didn't seem to like it much, though.

"What's for lunch?" asked Bill, going back up the stairs.

"What do you want?" asked Charlie. Bill didn't reply, though, for he had already made it to the bathroom.

"Oh, no," replied Adam, "you've done enough. I'm not paying you to fix meals."

"How about take-out?" suggested Charlie. "I could stop by Hanna's."

"Who's Hanna?" asked Gary.

"It's a restaurant," replied Adam. "You couldn't carry it all by yourself. I'd do it, but the media would be all over us."

"I'll go with her," volunteered Gary.
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