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The satellite phone rang, and Charlie picked it up, thinking that it was Lisa with some news.

"Charlie-girl?" asked a voice that Charlie instantly knew to be Adam's.

"ADAM!" screamed Charlie, a torrid of emotions flooding her being at the same time. The scream was so loud that Adam had to take the phone away from his ear for a second.

"Charlie-girl," continued Adam, "you saved my life, and the life of everyone with me..." he broke into tears, and they both wept.

"I was on the steps of the jet," related Adam, when he had collected himself, and I heard thunder-- from a sky that had hardly a cloud in it! Right then, I knew your dream was really going to happen. God was giving me a chance to live, so I took it! I told Bill, and the rest of the guys, and they didn't believe me. But, since I refused to board the plane, they didn't either. I tried to warn the flight crew, but they took off, anyway."

"Why didn't you call me!" cried Charlie. "I know your phone isn't charged right now, but you could have used any telephone!"

"At first," explained Adam, "I didn't know the flight had crashed. Then Melvin told me that everyone thought we were dead, so I tried to call you, but the line was busy! I also tried to get in touch with Shirley and Mike, but their phones were busy, too!"

As Adam spoke these words, the anchorman on TV announced that Wallace Shipley had not been on board the private jet that went down in Arizona.

"Do you want me to keep trying their numbers until I get through?" asked Charlie, drying her eyes.

"Lisa is working on that as we speak," said Adam, his voice struggling for control over his emotions.

"It's so good to hear your voice," said Charlie.

Adam wept once more. He had come so close to death, that the shock of walking away from the terrible crash in Arizona was something he could not fully grasp.

"I love you," said Charlie.

"I love you, too," wept Adam.

But, even as he said the words, Charlie knew in her heart, that he had not meant what she had meant.

"I must go now," said Adam. "Thank you once more, from the bottom of my heart, for saving my life. I'll never forget it!"

Vera was relieved and grateful to God for answering their prayers. The strain of the morning had plainly taken their toll, for Charlie's face was white as a sheet. Vera tried to get her to go back to bed, but Charlie resisted. So, while news cameras showed aerial coverage of the Arizona crash on television, Charlie fell asleep on the living room couch, still grasping the satellite phone.

It's not often that we have the opportunity of knowing just how close we came to certain disaster. We can't count all the varied ways that God has preserved His people, but one thing we DO know: our God is a Faithful God. Hallelujah!

"He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore." (Psalm 121:3, 8)

Wallace Shipley's close shave with death, was big news for at least two days. Reporters and journalists once more found their way to Twin Yucca, interviewing Adam's family and neighbors. Since Adam wasn't eager to immediately get into another chartered airplane, he opted to take a commercial flight back home. Even though the thought of flying in general wasn't very appealing to him, he recognized that he couldn't live his life in fear. He had to trust that God was taking care of his safety.

The morning after the crash, Charlie went to prepare Adam's house for their arrival. She got an early start, for it was summer vacation and there was no school. When she arrived, however, she found herself confronted by reporters camped outside the entertainer's house. She had already went too far to turn back, so she smiled politely and opened the front gate, closing it behind her.

"Miss, who are you?" asked a reporter.
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