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Feeling a little dumb for carrying on, Gary changed the subject.

"Are you sticking around to fix dinner?" he asked.

"Can't," replied Charlie, "I have homework."

"Glad that part of my life is over and done with," mused Gary. "I was a terrible student. What kind of grades do you get?" he asked.

"I do all right," answered Charlie sweeping the floor under the table. "Move your feet please."

"Oh, I see," laughed Gary. "That's code for an 'A' student! You're probably one of those kids who like to sit in the front row, and do extra homework! Am I right? You're constantly raising your little hand, aren't you?" teased Gary.

Charlie looked good-naturedly in his direction.

"I don't see why you have to go anywhere for entertainment," she countered, "when all you have to do is listen to yourself!" With that, she returned to her work.

Gary chuckled in spite of himself. He was slowly coming to the conclusion that he had underestimated Charlie. Her consistency of character and usual levelheadedness, were not qualities that he often saw in adults-- let alone in a teenager. The more Gary was around Charlie, the more he understood why Adam liked her so much.

"Well," said Gary, getting to his feet, "guess I better get down to Hanna's and bring back dinner. Send out a search party if I'm not back by sunset!"

Charlie watched and waited for the right time to approach Adam, but the musician was so earnest in escaping Wallace Shipley, that he stayed mostly in his room for the first four days of his vacation. When Adam finally had enough of solitude, he came downstairs, ready to interact with life, (however, the phone still remained off the hook).

It was then, that Charlie decided it was finally the right time to make her move.

"Adam?" asked Charlie, the next day, "you're invited to dinner at my house, tonight. Can you make it?"

"Sure can!" replied Adam, a little surprised. "What about Gary? Isn't he coming?"

"I've already been invited," answered Gary, who had overheard Charlie's invitation from the next room, "but I have other plans for tonight."

"Oh, all right," shrugged Adam. For all the complaining Gary had done about there being nothing to do in Twin Yucca, it was odd that he suddenly had plans. When Adam left the room, Charlie went over and thanked Gary for cooperating.

"It's more than he's going to do," replied Gary, pessimistically.

"Jerome's number is on the refrigerator," instructed Vera, "and Chuck's medications and time chart are on the the counter. Don't get the bottles out of order," warned Vera. "They're lined up to correspond with his schedule. Let me see," said the old woman, thoughtfully, "I know I'm forgetting something!"

"Grandma," said Charlie, "we'll be all right! I can handle it."

"You might want to feed Chuck before your guest arrives," suggested Vera, picking up her overnight bag. "You never did tell me which 'old friend' you're inviting," commented Vera. "I don't see why all the mystery. You know I trust you."

"I know, Grandma," smiled Charlie.

"There's Jerome, now," announced Vera. "I wouldn't burden you with Chuck all by yourself, but Georgia's daughter is getting married, and I promised to help get the wedding preparations back on schedule. I'll be back before you go to school, on Monday."

"Good-bye, Grandma," answered Charlie, escorting Vera outside to the car.

When Jerome's car disappeared down the street, Charlie ran back inside to continue her preparations. Vera was going to be away for the entire weekend, but all Charlie wanted was one evening with the house to herself. Chuck didn't really count, for though he was present in body, he was not aware of his surroundings.
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