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The women were back by five, and found the personal assistant that Bill had told them of, waiting for them in the hotel lobby.

"I hope you haven't been waiting too long," apologized Vera.

"Not at all," she smiled, politely. "My name is Kelsey, and I'm here to help both of you get ready for the concert! Early tomorrow, I'll have people in to do your hair, makeup, and facials, but today-- we shop! And you won't have to worry about the expenses, for they've already been taken care of. Are you ready to go, now?" she asked.

The three went back outside, this time to Kelsey's stylish red convertible. It was the kind of car that made people notice you-- something that Kelsey obviously desired.

"Because this concert will be televised, you've got to pay a lot of attention to appearance," said Kelsey.

She took them to the best shops, and guided Charlie and Vera straight to a two piece red gown, with an elegant matching wrap.

"Since this is a holiday occasion," pointed out Kelsey, "red is a great way to go! Try it on, Charlie!"

Charlie put it on, and showed Vera and Kelsey how it looked on her.

"The A-line skirt compliments your slender waist," observed Kelsey, expertly. "The bateau neckline on this bodice is extremely elegant. This is what I would wear, if I were going to the Christmas concert. What do you think, Vera?"

"It looks very expensive," observed the grandmother, a little apprehensively.

"It is," replied Kelsey, "but I was told to buy the best, and this is the best!"

Next, was Vera's turn. She took Kelsey's advice, and chose a black gown that complimented an older figure. It too, was expensive.

At the hotel that evening, Adam and the guys were so busy preparing for the concert, that Charlie and Vera were careful to stay out of their way.

Early the next morning, Kelsey arrived with her assistants, and started Vera and Charlie's makeovers. The facials, hair, makeup, last minute gown alterations, and manicures took half the day.

The hair stylist had swept Charlie's long brown hair back into an attractive French twist, pulling a large section of hair free from the twist to drape down one side of her face.

Next, came the make-up. The make-up artist gave Charlie a darker shade of lipstick than she usually was accustomed to, to compliment the color of the gown.

When Charlie came out and showed Vera the finished look, Vera was shocked at how different the teenager looked. It was the same petite and womanly figure, but Charlie looked different, as one often does after a makeover.

After Vera was ready, Bill knocked on their door to take them to Adam's room for prayer before leaving for the concert.

To Charlie's delight, Adam choked on his drink when she walked through the door.

Charlie let out an unexpected gasp, however, when she saw Constance, calmly standing beside Adam, looking overdone in a red and white spangled dress. When Constance saw Charlie, her face fell.

After everyone had assembled, Adam led the group in prayer, asking God for grace and success for the performance.

Then, it was time to go downstairs, and get into the limousines that were waiting to take them to the Raleigh Fine Arts Concert Hall. Adam escorted Constance, while Gary gladly took charge of Charlie and Vera.

"Bill thought," Gary whispered to Charlie, "that it would be good to show that Wallace Shipley has a girlfriend, so Constance was invited. I just wanted you to know that it wasn't Adam's idea for her to come."

"Thanks, Gary," smiled Charlie, gratefully.
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