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Adam, Constance, Melvin, and Bill, rode in the first white limousine, while Gary, Charlie, and Vera rode in a second one.

When the stretch limousines pulled up in front of the Raleigh Fine Arts Concert Hall, cameras flashed away outside their windows. In a flurry of elbows and red carpet, Gary escorted Vera and Charlie safely inside to the reserved table for Wallace Shipley's friends.

The concert hall was scattered with small richly decorated round tables surround by chairs, while at the front of the room was located the stage. Charlie was quick to recognize Adam's concert grand piano on center stage. In back of the piano, large screens facing the audience, had been erected. While Adam played, picturesque winter scenes from nature displayed on these.

Back at the reserved table, to Constance's annoyance, the two women were seated side by side. Gary sat next to Charlie, and Vera was next to him.

"The governor of North Carolina's table is over there," Gary pointed out to Charlie. "They say he is a major Wallace Shipley fan!"

When an announcer came on stage to ask everyone to turn off their cell phones and pagers, Constance gave a small groan.

"Is this your first Wallace Shipley concert?" she asked Charlie, switching off her electronic devices. Adam had not told her that Charlie was coming, and Constance wondered what else he had failed to mention to her.

"I've seen him play back home in Twin Yucca," replied Charlie, "but this is the first time I've been to one of his concerts."

The music that night was all too familiar to Charlie. Adam played pieces from his well-known Christmas album, "Epiphany." She thrilled to every note, even though the songs were as familiar to her as her own name. Charlie was so proud of him, that she clapped louder than anyone at their table after every piece.

As his manager, Bill was familiar with Adam's playing, but that night, he noticed there was an extra brilliance in his client's performance. The prediction Bill had made the night before, had come true-- Adam was giving the performance of his life!

Then something completely unexpected happened. When Adam began to play the one romantic piece on the "Epiphany" album, the screens behind him changed to show the reserved table for the friends of Wallace Shipley. Charlie suddenly saw that her face was being displayed on the screens behind Adam! She waited for the camera to move on, but to her amazement, it remained focused on her!

A small buzz started around the room, as everyone looked at their table. Since this was a romantic song, and her face was the one being shown on stage, obviously, it must mean she was his girlfriend-- for it was well known that Adam was not married.

Constance looked shocked, but since everyone was staring in their direction, she tried her best to act gracefully.

"Why are the cameras on me?" Charlie whispered to Gary in a frightened voice.

"I have no idea," mumbled Gary out of the side of his mouth, "but for pity's sake, smile!"

After the song was over, the audience gave Adam a standing ovation. Then they sat back down to hear the last piece. It was Charlie's favorite Christmas hymn, "O Holy Night." As Adam tenderly played, tears came to her eyes.

Soon after that, the concert was over. Lines of people began to form in front of the exits, so the group at the Wallace Shipley table got up and struggled to find their way back to the limousines outside.

Gary had disappeared suddenly, without explanation, but soon reappeared, smiling and shaking his head in amusement.

"What is it?" asked Charlie.

"I'll tell you in the limo," replied Gary, helping them into the car.
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