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Then, Gary explained. Evidently, when Adam was to play the romantic number, "Fireside," the camera crew had been instructed by the producer, to film Wallace Shipley's girlfriend, and surprise Adam by placing her live picture on the giant screens. The cameramen had been told that the musician's girlfriend was wearing a red dress. Constance had been wearing a white and red outfit, while Charlie's gown was the only completely red dress at the table. So, when it came time for the cameras to be turned on the table, Charlie's face was the one that appeared on the giant screens-- and not Constance's.

"I hope Adam doesn't think I had anything to do with it," said Charlie, timidly.

"Naw," answered Gary, dismissing her fear. "Adam was more pleased than he cared to admit."

The thought made Charlie smile.

"I don't see Adam," remarked Charlie, searching for him amidst the thronging crowds outside the car window.

"Here he comes," said Gary, for the crowd had suddenly become excited.

Soon Adam appeared, flanked on either side by Bill and Melvin. They slowly made their way down the red carpet and to their limousine. All the while, Adam was politely giving autographs and smiling graciously to the fans and admirers. Charlie had seen Adam being mobbed by fans on TV, before, but it was another thing to witness it in person.

"I'll be glad to get back to the hotel," sighed Charlie.

"It does get a little hectic," admitted Gary. "But, that's the price of fame."

When they had arrived back at the hotel, Adam and his small circle of friends celebrated the success of the night in Adam's hotel room. Everyone was smiles and congratulations.

Bill passed out glasses of warm hotel orange juice to everyone and announced a toast.

"It's not everyday one has the chance to witness the performance of a musician's lifetime," Bill began, "but tonight, we had the honor to be present at such an occasion!" Embarrassed, Adam tried to quiet Bill, but Bill continued. "God answered prayer tonight, and I don't think anyone here can dispute that, for something special happened on that stage! I want to toast the one responsible for making this night possible," said Bill, "for without her, Adam would still be pacing the floors!" To this, everyone laughed, except Constance, Charlie, and Adam. "To Charlie!" said Bill, raising his glass to her. "To Charlie!" repeated the group.

Charlie blushed, and drank her warm orange juice. She noticed an odd look on Adam's face, which she could not understand. The teenager hoped Gary hadn't been wrong about the mix-up-- that Adam really wasn't blaming her for wearing the same color of dress as his girlfriend of nine years.

Soon, it was time for Vera and Charlie to start packing for the late flight home. Adam offered Constance a seat on the private jet, but she refused, saying she preferred to take a commercial flight, instead. It was her way of saying that she absolutely did not want to travel with "that girl."

To Charlie's surprise, Adam was the one who carried their luggage down to the car. It was he, and not a hired driver, that got behind the wheel and drove Vera and Charlie back to the airfield.

Once there, Charlie saw that the jet was ready and waiting to take off for Twin Yucca. The same man that had made the trip with them the first time, greeted the women, and took their luggage on board the plane.

"Thank you for the lovely time," said Vera, shaking Adam's hand, and climbing inside.

"Yes," echoed Charlie, "I had a wonderful time."

Charlie turned to go, but Adam suddenly called her back. Just then, the jet's engines began to whir loudly, so that she could barely hear his voice.

"What?" she yelled. "I can't hear you!"

"I said, 'I LOVE YOU!!'" shouted Adam, over the roar of the engines.

Charlie gazed at him, stunned. A flood of emotion suddenly swept her, and she looked as though she were about to pass out. Seeing this, Adam quickly picked her up in his arms and carried her aboard the plane, where the noise of the engines was not so loud.

"What's wrong?" asked Vera, when she saw Adam setting Charlie down into her seat.

"I think she was about to faint!" he exclaimed, rubbing Charlie's hands between his.
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