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Adam spent the night on Mrs. Jenkins' sofa, struggling to find sleep. He had slipped the engagement ring onto his small finger and would check to feel for it every now and then, trying to feel closer to his lost love. Adam reread the letter over and over in his mind, hoping to squeeze every last drop of comfort from it's lines as possible. The words, "I'll be fine," resounded in his heart.

"Please, God," prayed Adam, "keep her safe. Don't let her feel alone, for we can never be truly alone, when You are with us. 'I am not alone, because the Father is with me.' (John 16:32) Show me where she's at, so I can go to her. Help us, O Lord! I don't know what to do, but my eyes are on Thee! (2 Chronicles 20:12) Be with my Charlie-girl, tonight. Help her find her way back to me. In Jesus' name, amen."

Adam closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but sleep would not come. He had given his burden to the Lord, but the insomnia that had plagued him in the past, returned in all it's wakefulness. After tossing on the sofa for several hours, Adam sat up so he could see out the window. Outside, the snow gleamed against the silvery moonlight, which shone from a cloudless Montana sky.

"I love you, Charlie," he whispered softly. "Come back to me."

The next morning, Kevin found Adam, sleeplessly staring out the window. Vera helped Mrs. Jenkins fix breakfast, while Kevin called Bill, who was several states away, holding down the remnants of Adam's tour.

"I'll hire a charter right away," replied Bill, after Kevin had related the facts. "And," he added, "I'll bring some help."

"Bill's coming," Kevin announced hopefully, after he had hung up the phone.

Adam only nodded and absently played with the toast on his plate. While they ate, Kevin made a list from all the names Vera and Adam could remember. Mrs. Jenkins, however, proved to be the most indispensable, with her vast knowledge of Charlie's former life.

"There was Donna," recalled the old woman, "but she passed away several years ago. There's Shawn, the boy that lives down the hall. Charlotte and he were good friends at one time. They never dated, though, because Charlton said she was too young. Let me see, there's Frank, Charlton's old boss. He runs 'Venture Outdoors,' a camping something-or-other near here. Then there's Carla-- no, wait, she moved last year."

"How about friends her own age?" asked Adam.

"To be honest," confessed Mrs. Jenkins, "I don't remember many children in the Overholt home. In fact, I recall one time, it was Charlotte's tenth birthday, and Charlton had invited several kids from her school. During the party, the electricity suddenly stopped. It seems Charlton had forgotten to pay the electrical bill. I don't think the children ever came back after that. There were rumors that he was crazy, but I never paid any attention to gossip like that. Charlton was just forgetful, that's all. Poor Charlotte-- all the times he forgot to pick her up at school, or get the groceries, or pay the bills. I suppose that's what cultivated her independence so. In many ways, she took care of Charlton, and not the other way around."

Mrs. Jenkins related several more stories from Charlie's childhood. Adam listened intently, for this was the first real opportunity he had had to learn of her life prior to Twin Yucca. For Vera, this too, was a rare glimpse into her son's former life.

"There was a woman," remembered Mrs. Jenkins, "her name was Morgan. She dated Charlton off and on for a number of years. Charlton would get me to baby-sit Charlotte, while they went out. Sometimes, he wouldn't come home until morning. I told him that it wasn't a good example to set for the child, but Charlton said that it was better than bringing Morgan home with him. God knows, the Overholt's weren't a religious family. However, I'm glad to hear that Charlton finally found Christ before his illness overtook him."

"Does Morgan still live in Butte?" asked Kevin, taking notes.

"No, I don't believe she does," replied Mrs. Jenkins, taking a sip of coffee.

After lunch, Kevin went down to the airport to pick up Bill and the promised "help." When they reached the apartment, Adam was completely surprised. In walked Wallace Shipley's personal manager, publicist, and agent!
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