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"I could get used to this," he muttered, closing his eyes and putting his legs up on the rest of the length of the couch. "I love you, Charlie-girl."

"I love you, too," whispered Charlie, as she felt Adam squeeze her hand once more before dozing off into much needed sleep.

As his body relaxed, Charlie closed her eyes and tried not to think about the words that had been left unsaid. With an aching heart, she let herself drift asleep.

When Charlie woke up a few hours later, Adam's sleeping face was still nestled contentedly in her lap. Since his head was resting on her left forearm, the hand he was still gripping so tightly had fallen asleep; she dreaded the needle-pin sensation that would inevitably occur when the blood flowed again to that that part of her anatomy. Charlie watched his peaceful face, and the gentle up and down motion of his chest, as he softly breathed.

Movement from across the room, prompted her to look toward the kitchen. Melvin waved hello to her, as he sat at the table with Bill, eating cold pizza and drinking flat soda. Gary had gone to bed, while Vera was sleeping soundly on the small sofa near the window. Charlie scanned the room, and found Kevin reading a magazine in the room's only armchair. Kevin looked up, and smiled at her when he saw she was awake. The overall mood of Adam's crew had gradually become more hopeful.

Charlie looked out the window, and saw that it was late in the afternoon. Still fatigued from the pain in her ankle, and the physical and emotional exertion of the past few days, she closed her eyes and fell asleep, once more.

When she awoke the second time, Adam was staring lovingly up at her.

"Thank you," he whispered, tenderly.

"Now that you're awake," said Charlie, trying to move her left arm, "I need to get the circulation going again."

Adam sat up, while Charlie rubbed her arm.

It was now early evening, and Vera was in the kitchen, preparing the food that she had sent Bill out for.

"They're awake," announced Bill, as he walked across the room to where they sat on the couch. "That's the first non-drug induced sleep Adam's had in weeks!"

"That's because she's good for me," smiled the musician.

"Adam," reminded Charlie, "we still need to have that talk."

"I know," he replied, half afraid that she was about to limp out the door.

Upon hearing this, Bill returned to the kitchen, where Melvin was helping Vera by making one of his Mexican cheese enchilada specialties.

"Okay," sighed Adam, "let's get this over with. What do you want to tell me?"

"Did you read the letter I left you, back in April?" asked Charlie.

"I read it," replied Adam, getting up and standing nervously before her.

"I'm afraid it still goes," warned Charlie. "I can't marry you, Adam."

He looked at her with hurt eyes, and walked past her, accidentally knocking her propped up ankle.

"Ouch!" she winced in pain.

"I'm sorry," Adam apologized. "Can I get you some ice to put on that?"

Without waiting for her response, Adam went to the kitchen and returned with a small sandwich bag filled with crushed ice. After carefully placing a towel over her bandaged ankle, he rested the bag of ice on top of it.
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