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"No worries, Pumpkin," smiled Vera. "God will get you through this. Just remember, He loves you."

At three thirty, Charlie finally got a phone call from Bill.

"We're in the lobby," announced Bill. "Don't worry, I'll get him to the church on time!"

After Bill hung up, Shirley entered the hotel room, all dressed for the ceremony.

"I'm just in time for the veil," she happily observed, as Vera placed the veil and tiara onto Charlie's head.

"Adam's here," related Charlie.

"That brother of mine would be late to his own funeral!" exclaimed Shirley, checking her watch. "He has only minutes to be dressed and ready!"

"It doesn't take as long for men to get ready," smiled Vera, knowingly. "He'll make it!"

Just then, Charlie heard a familiar masculine voice outside her door.

"Oh, no you don't!" cried Shirley, pushing the man back through the door before he had a chance to see the bride.

"I just want to talk to her!" pleaded the groom, with a laugh. "Have a heart, Sis!"

"You'll see her at the church... if you're dressed by then," sighed Shirley. "Just look at yourself! You only have fifteen minutes!"

"I'm going! I'm going!" laughed Adam, obviously in a buoyant mood.

Shirley secured the door behind her and returned to Charlie.

"The limousine is ready and waiting downstairs," she informed the women. "Kevin is ready to escort you to the car."

Shirley was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Melvin, what do you want?" asked Shirley, barring him from entering the room.

"The press is swarming downstairs," said Melvin. "I thought I might brief Charlie before she goes down and meets them."

"It's all right, Shirley," called Charlie, as Vera made a small adjustment to the veil.

Melvin smiled as Shirley stepped aside to let him in. Shirley quietly noticed that at least HE was dressed.

"Be quick," she warned the man. "We haven't got much time."

"Sure thing," said Melvin.

Charlie turned around and faced the publicist. Melvin stopped in his tracks and nodded his head in approval.

"Don't you look nice!" he said, shaking her hand warmly. "I'm sorry we came in so late, but one thing after another came up. You know how it is."

"Yes," agreed Charlie. "I remember."

"The media has been allowed to meet you downstairs," explained Melvin. "When you come back for the reception, they won't be there. I figured it was better to make some kind of concession now, instead of later."

"I understand," replied Charlie.

"I'll go down with you, and field any questions relating to the tour," said Melvin. "Watch out for anyone trying to trick you into saying that you and Adam have already had sex. Remember, you're still a minor. Let me see, what else-- oh yes, don't call your father 'Daddy,' and always keep smiling," he added, going down his mental checklist. "But, I guess you've done this enough times, that I don't have to tell you."

"Thank you, Melvin," said Charlie. "I'm ready."

"Okay, then," smiled Melvin.
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