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Charlie exited the hotel room, flanked by Kevin and Melvin, while Vera followed behind, carrying Charlie's wedding train. Other guests took pictures of the procession as they made their way to the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened in the hotel lobby, a flurry of bright flashing camera lights greeted them. Kevin took hold of Charlie's arm as Melvin tried to part the sea of reporters and wellwishers.

"Miss Overholt only has time for one or two questions," Melvin told them, "so please, make it brief."

"Where are you going on your honeymoon, Charlotte?" asked a reporter, while a live television camera zoomed in on her face.

Charlie didn't want to say where, so she pleadingly looked to Melvin for help.

"Sorry, guys," smiled Melvin, "but that's a secret. Next question?"

"There are reports that your pregnant matron of honor won't be attending the ceremony, due to an outbreak of measles among some of the children that were invited," asked another. "Is this true, and have you been exposed to the outbreak?"

"My cousin's baby daughter came down with measles this morning," affirmed Charlie, "but, to my knowledge, she's the only who has been affected."

"Who designed your wedding dress, Charlotte?" shouted a reporter from the back.

"It's a Diana original," replied Charlie.

To her relief, Melvin waved off any more questions so they could get into the limousine. For a moment, Charlie struggled to fit all of her gown through the car doorway, but Vera deftly rearranged the train, making it possible for a graceful exit.

Once inside, the heavily tinted windows afforded Charlie some privacy. She leaned back to catch her breath while Kevin flicked on the small television set that was in the back of the limousine.

"Hey, Miss Overholt," he commented, "looks like they were filming you live. Your wedding has even preempted the regularly scheduled programming," he said, reading the small caption at the bottom of the screen.

"That's great," Charlie smiled weakly.

She wanted to turn the limousine around, and go hide in her room. Outside, Charlie could hear throngs of people cheering as they drove by.

"What if I faint?" the teenager thought to herself. "What if I stumble and fall flat on my face going down the aisle? God, please help me!"

"Charlie, just in case I don't get a chance to later," said Melvin, leaning forward in his seat, "I wanted to say that it's been a privilege knowing you. I confess I had reservations when you and Adam first got together, but you've more than proven yourself by your professionalism and poise under great pressure. May God bless you both."

"When Adam and I finish Villa Rosa," said Charlie, smiling warmly at him, "I hope you'll come and visit us. You'll always be welcome."

"Thank you," said Melvin.

"Look," pointed out Kevin, "Mr. Clark's live on the television!"

"It's about time," laughed Charlie. "Grandma, look at Adam! He's wearing sunglasses! Adam, you're not going to an awards show!" she laughingly shouted at the television set.

The groom was handsomely dressed in his best tuxedo, as were Bill and Gary. Wallace Shipley waved to the crowd, answered a question or two, and got into the awaiting limousine. Several more stretch limos lined up in front of the hotel to collect the wedding guests and carry them to the church.

As the limousine pulled up to the church, Vera gathered Charlie's train and prepared to get out. Kevin helped Charlie out of the vehicle while Melvin tried to keep the reporters at bay.
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