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The group made their way inside and were greeted by Reverend Brenner, who would officiate the wedding ceremony. The sanctuary was festooned with white flowers and small pink roses with delicate sprays of baby's breath. A narrow white carpet led up the aisle, leading straight to the altar. Near the back of the sanctuary, was a small room where the Reverend instructed them to wait.

"Shirley has done a beautiful job!" breathed Vera, as she led Charlie to a mirror in one corner of the room.

Kevin took his post outside, while Melvin found a seat near the open church doors, to wait for the rest of the limousines to arrive. Before long, Vera and Charlie could hear the commotion of the first of the arriving guests, as they entered the church and slowly found their seats. Many people mingled before sitting down, each relating a recent experience with reporters, admiring the flower arrangements, or just marveling at the publicity and circumstance of knowing someone as famous as Adam.

Being a good publicist, Melvin made sure that the recording label executives were promptly shown to their seats, while Shirley arrived with Thomas and the rest of the Garner family.

Shirley made certain that the ushers kept the lines flowing, by showing people to their seats in a timely manner. Then she poked her head into the room where Vera and Charlie were waiting.

"It won't be long now," she announced. "Just a few minutes more."

"How are you feeling, Pumpkin?" asked Vera, checking Charlie's forehead with the palm of her hand.

Charlie coughed once and smiled.

"Except for this cold, I'm doing great," she replied. "Does my nose look red?"

"No, the makeup is covering it perfectly," assured Vera, fixing one of Charlie's ringlets. "I'm so proud of you, today," sighed Vera, already beginning to tear up. "You're a very brave girl, Charlie. Just you remember that!"

The young woman kissed her grandmother on the cheek, and picked up her wedding bouquet. Just then, Charlie could hear the chants of "Wal-lace! Wal-lace!" coming from outside the church.

"No one needs to tell me what that means," smiled Charlie nervously.

Not long after, Charlie heard the large church organ, beginning to play the processional music. Jerome entered the small room, looking every bit terrified.

"The usher is here to begin the procession," announced Shirley, escorting Vera into the sanctuary.

"When is it our turn?" asked Jerome, looking to Charlie for instructions.

"They'll start playing 'Here Comes the Bride,'" answered Charlie, amazed at how confident her voice was sounding. "We'll be the last ones to go up the aisle, just as in the rehearsal."

Jerome took a seat and then nervously stood back up. For a dime, he would have gladly handed over his duty to someone else.

Outside, the usher showed Vera to her seat, followed by the traditional order of the other members of the bride and groom's families. Charlie waited with bated breath for the first strains of the wedding march. She checked her makeup once more in the mirror, and then it was time.

"Please, God," she silently prayed, "don't let me sneeze or cough!"

Charlie took Jerome's arm, and they exited the small room. A round of "Aaahhh's" echoed through the sanctuary, as the guests glimpsed the wedding dress for the first time. Jerome and Charlie took their place at the end of the aisle and waited for the music to begin.

Near the altar, Charlie looked up to see Adam's handsome face beaming back at her. He mouthed the words, "I love you," and then the organ music began playing "Here Comes the Bride." All was still, except for the majestic sound of music that spilled from the tall pipes of the organ.

Slowly, Charlie made her way up the aisle, keeping careful time to the wedding march. She couldn't bear to watch Adam's face as she drew near, but waited until the last when he took her hand and held it fast. Adam was grinning so hard it hurt.

Then the music stopped.
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