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With one more deep breath, the famous pianist placed his fingers onto the keys of the piano. Music suddenly broke the stillness of the night, filling the empty store with a hauntingly beautiful melody. As one who was very familiar with Wallace Shipley's music, Charlie at once recognized that this was an entirely new composition. It was the first time in thirteen years that Adam had composed in a serious way, and now he was playing the new piece for her in this private performance. Any Wallace Shipley aficionado would have paid a great deal to be where Charlie was sitting at this moment.

As Adam continued to play, his one person audience was wrapped in profound wonderment. His music was both stirring and tender, all the while keeping cadence to an underlying mellifluous rhythm that was one of Wallace Shipley's signature sounds. Charlie closed her eyes and hungrily drank in every note. It was musical poetry in perfection. The longer she listened, the more she understood that this new masterpiece was a melodic love poem. Every measure filled her heart until she was sure it could hold no more. So this is what Adam had said would tell her what his words could not!

His hands deftly ran across the keyboard, breathing life into the old piano with each movement. When the last clear note had sounded, Adam repeated his question to Charlie.

"Do you know how much I love you?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, brushing the tears from her eyes, "I'm the most loved woman in the world!"

Adam got to his feet and hugged his wife.

"Then you understand," he sighed lovingly. "I called the piece 'Charlotte.' You may not remember this, but I started working on it that night on the jet, when I flew you back to Twin Yucca. I was watching you sleep, and this melody dropped into my lap straight from heaven-- I'm sure of it! I hadn't written serious music for so long, that I was afraid the gift had left me. I had Gary get room service to bring a piano to my hotel room, so I could work on it between engagements. I'm afraid I kept the guys up many nights, banging away on that piano!"

"Did you?" smiled Charlie. "I'm sure Bill thought it was worth it, though! That composition was beyond outstanding!"

"I'm glad you think so," he responded, humbly. "Coming from my biggest fan, that means a lot. I finished 'Charlotte' just days before the wedding," he continued. "I had planned to play it for you at the reception, but God had other plans," Adam smiled tenderly, wiping away Charlie's happy tears with the palm of his hand. "I'm glad I waited until we were alone, to play it for you. This is much better than any wedding reception."

Adam embraced her and kissed her with such desire that Charlie at last pulled away from him.

"Please," the young woman asked him, "not here. Someone might come in."

The musician locked the store back up, and strolled down the cobblestone walk with his love. Her hand was clasped firmly in his, as if unwilling to ever let it go. The bright stars overhead seemed to glow with the fire that Charlie felt burning within her soul.

"Oh, Adam," she sighed, "I love you so much!"

They sat down beneath an apple tree and watched the stars shoot across the dark night sky. Charlie took Adam's hand and traced his fingers tenderly with her own. It was then that she noticed the faint scars on his hands from the car accident.

"They put makeup on my hands before each concert," said Adam. "They don't look too bad, do they?"

"I hardly noticed them," replied Charlie, leaning her head on his chest. "I wish I never had to leave you, Adam."

As she said this, Charlie could feel his body stiffen.

"Be happy, Charlie-girl," entreated Adam, holding onto her tightly. "We'll take one day at a time as God sees fit. Right now, just concentrate on being deliriously happy."

"I will," she promised.

Then Adam took Charlie back to their room, and held her in his arms until the sun peered over the Oak Glen mountains, bathing the apple ranch in pure summer light.

Inside the cottage, Adam had finally fallen asleep. Charlie got out of bed, trying hard not to awaken him, for between her and his insomnia, Adam wasn't getting much rest.
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