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"Make sure you don't forget to brush your teeth," instructed Shirley, fussing over her youngest son. "Don't stay up too late, and call me every day. Better yet, I'll call you. Don't drink anything but bottled water, and never wander out of your uncle or aunt's sight."

"Mom," groaned Chad, "it's only Alaska!"

"I don't care," she insisted, "you be careful. I'm counting on you to act responsibly."

Charlie looked at Adam and winced. Shirley might as well have added, "because your aunt might not."

"We'll take the private jet to Dawson Creek Airport early tomorrow morning," informed Adam, trying to change the subject.

"Why Dawson Creek?" asked Shirley.

"Because it's the start of the Alaska Highway!" exclaimed Chad, shaking his head in dismay at his mother's ignorance.

"Oh," said Shirley. "I thought it was called the Alcan Highway."

"It was originally called the Alaskan-Canadian Highway," continued Chad, "but the name was later shortened to the Alcan Highway. Now, it's more commonly known as the Alaska Highway, with most maps giving it that designation."

Charlie looked at the boy incredulously.

"You have way too much time on your hands," she laughed.

"I've been reading up," replied Chad, a little indignantly.

"The flight will be a little over nine hours, with a stopover in Seattle and Vancouver to refuel," resumed Adam. "We'll call you when we arrive."

"Well, all right," sighed Shirley, resigning herself to the trip. "It sounds exciting, Chad."

"I've never been on Uncle Adam's jet before!" grinned the boy. His face quickly fell though, when he glanced back at his mother, who's thoughts were preoccupied with someone else. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay, Mom?" he asked in a concerned voice.

"No," she smiled sadly, "this is for the best."

That night, Chad had little sleep. The anticipation of Alaska was tempered by the turmoil his parents were going through. Kevin had offered to give up his room to Chad, but Adam insisted that the boy could do just fine on the couch, seeing he only had to sleep there for one night before they were to leave the next morning. Chad stared at the closed bedroom door where Adam and Charlie were, still adapting himself to the idea that his uncle was actually a married man.

Chad and Mike had been Adam's main focus throughout their childhood, frequently absorbing his attention and time. Now, however, things were very different. Not only did the boy have a new aunt, but one who was only five years older than himself, for he had turned eleven in February. Gradually becoming tired, Chad turned over on the couch and drifted to sleep.

All too soon, it was time to get up, and Charlie was moving about in the kitchen, preparing breakfast while the men were gathering luggage into a pile in the living room.

"Wake up, buddy," smiled the boy's uncle. "We've got a plane to catch after breakfast."

Chad blinked open his eyes, and looked out the window at the still darkened sky.

"It isn't morning, yet," he protested groggily. Then, in a flash, he suddenly remembered the reason for the early departure. Alaska! Without any further protest, Chad jumped off the couch and ran to the bathroom to change clothes.
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