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Charlie was greatly disheartened to hear those words. She had been praying and hoping that Thomas had learned his lesson, and that his family would have the great joy of knowing that he had repented. She watched Adam's grief, as he hugged his nephews and spoke a few hushed words that only they could hear. Then it was Charlie's turn to hug Mike, and to tell the boys that both she and Adam were praying for their father. As their new aunt and wife of a most beloved uncle, Charlie didn't want to let her nephews down, even though she was feeling unequal to the task. Whenever she saw Chad or Mike's sad faces, she felt like running to Adam for help. But responsible adults didn't act like that, and Charlie was determined to behave in a way that would not discredit Adam's judgment in taking her as his wife. She wasn't sure what she could do to help Mike and Chad, but she would do her best.

As the evening faded into night, Mike drove everyone to his parents' house on the edge of Twin Yucca, for Adam had accepted Shirley's invitation to stay in the guest rooms at her and Thomas' stylish adobe home. Even though Adam hadn't consulted Charlie in accepting the invitation, his young wife understood that he had a lot on his mind and didn't hold it against him for making the decision without her.

While Adam was preoccupied with thoughts of his family, Charlie was trying not to be selfish by wanting to see hers. She hadn't seen her grandmother or father since the wedding, for she and Adam had only been a day or two at Villa Rosa before they were off on their trip to Alaska. Charlie had been living in cottages, cabins, hotel rooms, and now was about to find herself in Shirley and Thomas' guest room. To be honest, it was the last place on earth that she wanted to be. As much as Charlie wished to be useful to Adam's family, she had to fight back the longing to settle down and truly unpack at home-- her and Adam's home-- not someone else's, and especially not Shirley's. Charlie tried to remind herself of her sister-in-law's good qualities and of her helpfulness at the wedding, and it helped to soften some of the dread that she could feel building inside.

When they reached the large adobe house, Charlie braced herself to meet Shirley and to say something comforting, though Charlie wasn't sure what that should be.

"No one's home right now," explained Mike, getting out his copy of the house key and preparing to unlock the front door. "Everyone's at the hospital." Before he could place the key into the lock, however, Mike was surprised when the door suddenly opened. "Mom!" he exclaimed.

Charlie was prepared to see Shirley, but instead saw Millie Weston, Mike's mother-in-law, greeting them and inviting the weary travelers inside.

"What are you doing here?" Mike asked with a grateful smile. Millie reminded Mike of Sandra, and a reminder like that was always welcome.

"Shirley is busy at the hospital," explained Mille, "so I told her that we would get the guest rooms ready and have a hot meal waiting when you arrived."

"We?" grinned Mike. "Is Sandra here?"

"She's putting fresh sheets on the beds," informed Mille. "Adam, everyone is praying for your sister and her family."

"Thank you," accepted Adam, "we appreciate it."

While the grownups exchanged a few solemn words abut the situation with Thomas, Chad disappeared upstairs to his room.

"Why don't you go wash up?" suggested Millie. "The girls and I will get dinner on the table?"

At first, Charlie thought that was meant as a polite request that she should help out in the kitchen, but when Millie shooed them towards the stairs, Charlie realized that Millie had been referring to her two daughters-- Sandra and Becky.

"I guess help has arrived," smiled Mike, leading Adam, Charlie, and Kevin upstairs.
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