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Then the shrubbery moved again, causing Charlie's eyes to travel back to the window. Hoping that her roadrunner friend had returned, she followed the movement until a curious looking creature pushed aside the overgrown bushes. Charlie's blood ran cold as she saw a man's hand touch the window and then a face peering back at her. The man jumped back in surprise when he saw that he was being watched, but instead of running away, he fumbled for the camera about his neck.

"Adam!" screamed Charlie, shaking him without mercy, "there's someone outside our window!"

"What?" mumbled Adam.

"The window!" she gasped, pointing outside as the man raised his camera to take aim.

Thinking quick, Adam grabbed the blanket folded at the foot of Charlie's bed and tossed it over Charlie and himself. A half second later, it was followed by a brilliant flash of light. Then Adam and Charlie heard someone slamming open their bedroom door and running to the window.

"Get out of here!" they heard Kevin angrily shout. "I'm calling the police!"

That threat seemed to work, for the man literally stumbled out of the shrubbery and sprinted toward his SUV parked across the street.

"That's right, run," muttered Kevin, as Adam came out from hiding. The bodyguard quickly pulled out his cell phone and dialed the police. "I'm reporting his license plate number," he informed Adam.

"How can you?" wondered Adam, for the vehicle's plate wasn't visible from the house.

"I took it down when I noticed him at your sister's, earlier this morning," explained Kevin. "It pays to be careful."

"Oh," smiled Adam. "Glad you're on the job."

Hearing that it was all clear, Charlie jumped off the bed and ran to the window.

"I can't believe the gall of that man!" she cried, indignantly. "Wasn't he breaking the law, or something?"

"It's called trespassing," replied Adam, "and he won't get away with it."

Vera hobbled to the bedroom door and asked what was going on. While Kevin talked to the police, Charlie related what had happened to her grandmother.

"They're sending a patrol car," announced Kevin, closing his cell phone and slipping it back into his pocket. "I'll be glad to get you and Mrs. Clark back to Villa Rosa," he told Adam. "It's harder to keep them away in this neighborhood."

Hearing this, Charlie paused her narration. She had been hoping to stay at her grandma's home while Villa Rosa was being worked on, so that she could remain close to Vera and Chuck.

"Thank heavens everything is all right!" exclaimed Vera, as Charlie helped her back to the living room to sit down and rest her hip.

"Grandma," observed Charlie, "your limp is worse. Maybe, we should take you to see a doctor. Does it hurt very much?"

"I think it's because night's coming on," replied Vera, carefully sitting down in her recliner. "My muscles always get stiff during the evening."
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