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"Honey," chuckled Adam, "I think we can safely manage another mobile home without breaking the bank!"

Charlie had momentarily forgotten how much money Adam had, and she tried to hide her embarrassment behind her mug of coffee. That wasn't enough, however, for when Adam saw her face turn crimson, he couldn't help but smile.

"Go ahead and laugh," Charlie scolded him, sheepishly. "I grew up in a household where money was always tight. Daddy made sure there was food on the table, but we never spent money unless we had to. What we couldn't afford, we did without-- not that I'm expecting you to understand!" she exclaimed. "You and your private jet!"

Adam burst into peals of laughter until Charlie had to remind him that there were people in the house who were trying to sleep.

"Until I met you," he tried to quiet himself, "I never considered myself as a big spender! Why, compared to you, I'm downright extravagant!"

"Just because you have more money than some small countries," she reasoned, "it doesn't mean that I'm going to be careless."

"It's not my money," declared Adam. "It's ours. I trust you, Charlie-girl. You've a sound head on those pretty shoulders, and I'm not afraid of you being careless."

The sincere look on his face told her that he wasn't teasing or joking. Adam truly trusted her, and the realization of it meant more to Charlie than the money ever could.

"You build Villa Rosa however you want," he told her, finishing off his leftovers. "Just do me a favor?" requested Adam. "Don't decorate our bedroom in frilly girl things."

"'Frilly girl things'?" repeated Charlie with a puzzled laugh. "Such as?"

"Yeah, you know," explained Adam, "lacy pillows and frilly bedspreads. Jeff told me Maggie has their bedroom looking like the stuff was going out of style."

"Did he tell her that?" wondered Charlie.

"He loves her too much to say anything," replied Adam. He grinned at Charlie. "The poor man has been blinded by his love for her. Isn't that a tragedy?"

"It's horrible," she smiled. "You, on the other hand, are much too sensible for that."

"Absolutely," he nodded, with a playful twinkle in his eyes. Adam slid back in his chair and looked at her from his vantage across the table. "Oh, Charlie-girl," he sighed contentedly, "what did I get myself into when I met you?"

"I don't know," answered Charlie, "but I'm sure your sister has some theories."

"Shirley likes you more than she lets on," confided Adam. "I can tell."

"Then, you're the only one who can," sighed Charlie, getting up and clearing away Adam's dishes. "She has been trying to be nice to me, though."

"Speaking of my sister," said Adam, "I visited Thomas, last night. I thought I might as well stop by his room while I was at the hospital waiting for Vera."

"How was he?" inquired Charlie.
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