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Sighing that her husband most likely had a difficult night, (even with her love), Charlie put on her shoes and opened the bedroom door. She was determined that Villa Rosa's renovations wouldn't cost Adam anything more than money and a little inconvenience. The young woman purposed within herself to do better with her time management, in the future. After all, she was a married woman now, and it meant taking care of those who needed her-- even when she was tired and all she wanted to do was sleep.

"How are you, Pumpkin?" asked Vera, looking over her granddaughter with some concern.

"Where is everyone?" asked Charlie, glancing about the two living rooms and not finding anyone present.

"Kevin is out working with the crew, and Adam is taking your father for a walk around Villa Rosa," explained Vera. "You must be famished! Come with me to the kitchen, and I'll fix you a late lunch."

"Lunch?!" exclaimed Charlie in horror. "Just how long have I been asleep?"

"All morning, and most of the afternoon," answered Vera, going to the kitchen with a bewildered Charlie in tow. "I wanted to wake you earlier, but Adam insisted that you get your rest."

"I admit," said Charlie, as Vera made her a sandwich, "it felt good not to be getting up at the crack of dawn and rushing off. The renovation can be stressful at times. That reminds me!" she suddenly remembered. "Did Beppe ever get the correct materials we needed for the roof?"

"I have no idea," shrugged Vera, as Charlie stuffed the last of her sandwich into her mouth and quickly washed it down with a glass of orange juice. "Wait! Before you go running out there, don't you want the dessert Adam saved you?" Vera called after her.

But Charlie didn't hear her grandmother, for she was already out the door and looking for Beppe.

Gently clasping Chuck's hand, Adam slowly walked his father-in-law around the two mobile homes, endeavoring to keep from getting in the busy crew's way. As they rounded the buildings once more, Adam caught sight of Charlie's figure as she ran to Beppe's truck and began discussing something with the general contractor.

"She's awake, Chuck," said Adam, pausing for a moment to watch the young woman. Chuck, however, was not ready to stop, and he kept walking until he jerked Adam forward by the hand. The two continued their circuit around the mobile homes, but every time they passed within eyeshot of Charlie, Adam would watch her with the other men.

After a half hour of stretching their legs, Chuck became tired and Adam took him inside to watch television. Not ready to resume work at his piano, Adam went back outside and sat down on the front step, his attention once more fixed on Charlie. There was a troubled look on his face, as if disturbed by his own thoughts. In fact, so lost was he in his own meditations, that Adam was unaware of the person approaching him, until a pretty face bent down and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hi," greeted Charlie, sitting down on the step beneath Adam's. "Thanks for giving Daddy some exercise. I have a hard time getting him away from that television."

"It's all right," replied Adam, as she leaned her head against his knee. "How did you sleep?"

"Like a baby," she whispered, dreamily closing her eyes. "You let me snooze half the day away."

Adam stroked her hair and gazed down at the peaceful woman next to him.

"I'm sorry I let you entice me last night," he apologized. "I shouldn't have."

"I don't remember giving you much of a chance to resist," she smiled.
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