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"Could I get your autograph, Mr. Shipley?" Charlie squealed in girlish delight. "Oh, pleeeeeeease, say you will!" she clamored, tugging at Adam's sleeve and then pretending to faint. "I've touched him!" she gasped, while Adam laughed at her antics. "Oh!" she cried, "I'll never wash this hand again, for as long as I live!"

"Okay," he smiled, pulling her back to him, "I've had enough. If I wanted that kind of attention, I would have stayed closer to civilization."

"Are you trying to imply that we're out in the middle of nowhere?" she feigned shock.

Just then, a coyote howled in the distance, causing Adam to grin at its timing.

"I don't know how I got that idea," he chuckled.

Seeing that he was smiling a little easier now, Charlie left off her teasing and snuggled back into his strong arms.

"Are you sure you don't mind being out here with me?" she asked. "Villa Rosa is a little out of the way."

"Better alone with you," he answered, "than in a city full of people who don't have a claim on my heart. No, Charlie," he sighed contentedly, "I'm happy right where I am." Suddenly realizing that he was feeling better, Adam tenderly squeezed Charlie. "It was sweet of you to cheer me," he smiled.

"It's all right," she laughed softly. "You're worth the effort."

Outside, the strong winds were dying down, and the desert returned to a peaceful stillness that soothed Adam and Charlie. The famous musician checked his watch, and saw that it was getting late.

"I hope Vera doesn't start worrying about us," he said, thoughtfully.

"I told her not to wait up," remembered Charlie, trying to smother a giggle as Adam playfully blew at her neck.

"Do you want to go back?" he asked, a hint of disappointment sounding in his voice.

"Let's stay out all night," proposed Charlie. "I'm having too good of a time, to go in."

"What about tomorrow?"

"I'll catch some sleep, later," Charlie murmured lovingly.

"Then, I think we should have a little music," said Adam, leaning forward to turn his key in the ignition just enough to power the radio. He punched a button and the truck speakers in the cab crackled to life.

"Today, in the news..." a radio announcer began.

"We want music," Adam shook his head, punching the button until a mellow symphony sounded in the speakers. "I said, music," he muttered, quickly hitting the button once more. "We'll both fall asleep, if we keep listening to that stuff." One station crackled after another, until the sound of a piano abruptly flashed by.

"Oh!" cried Charlie. "Go back!" She didn't have to ask, however, for Adam was already trying to backtrack stations to find the same song that had caught her attention, as well. The clear vibrant sound of a piano broke through the stillness, and Charlie laughed. It was Adam!

"So that's why I thought it sounded good," he chuckled. "Not tonight," said the musician, quickly running through the remaining channels on the dial. "Don't we get any good stations out here?" he sighed. Suddenly, an old classic standard began to gently play, and Adam paused. The singer broke into a soft love song, and Adam nodded happily. "That's more like it," he sighed, returning his attention to Charlie.
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