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"Do you usually listen to old love songs?" she wondered.

"No, I don't," admitted Adam. "Why? You can change the station, if this isn't what you want."

Instead of finding a different station, however, Charlie turned up the volume, gently bathing the entire cab in music.

As the lyrics continued to sing of love, Adam's lips softly brushed Charlie's face until he reached her mouth. The kiss that followed, made Charlie suddenly afraid that he was going to get too serious for the pickup truck. Before Charlie could find the strength to speak up, Adam backed off, and tried to steady his breathing as he realized the same thing.

"I was just thinking," he laughed, "it would be a little embarrassing if anyone found us like this. We'd better take it easy." As if to oblige him, the DJ next played a lighthearted song, and Adam and Charlie were soon humming and cuddling to the familiar lyrics.

The moon passed by overhead, while coyotes bayed in the distance. When dawn began to crack on the horizon, Adam started up the engine, and they drove around Villa Rosa, while Charlie showed him the progress that they had made.

"I've been meaning to ask," said Adam, "but what are those large holes doing in our front yard? I saw the backhoe digging them out, and couldn't figure out why!"

"That's for our palm trees," explained Charlie. "I'm going to plant several full grown palm around the buildings on Villa Rosa. It'll help cool the air, and give a little shelter to the winds."

"Palm trees," smiled Adam. "I suppose that sounds reasonable. I may have been mistaken," he continued, "but I thought I heard you say something about a runway, recently."

"It's for the jet," she replied. Charlie looked at Adam's incredulous face, and knew that he was having a hard time accepting what she was telling him. "I'm building it so you won't have to drive here from Twin Yucca Airport, whenever you fly in," she tried to explain. "I wanted you home as soon as possible."

"I like the sound of that," he grinned. "So, we're actually going to have a runway," he mused, as if the saying of it would make it seem more real. "I don't know of anyone who has a private runway!"

"And a hangar," continued Charlie. When Adam looked at her with a laughing grin, she sighed. "It's to put the jet in!" she exclaimed. "You don't expect it to just sit out there and get sandblasted by the Santa Ana winds, do you?"

"I suppose I don't," smiled Adam. "Charlie," he sighed, "you really have a lot going on, don't you?"

"I should," she mused. "I'm spending enough of your money."

"Our money," he rectified. "I have a little news for you, myself," he informed her. "Yesterday, Bill called, and he wants me to fly into Atlanta next week for a follow-up interview with Norman Jones."

"That's great!" exclaimed Charlie. "Why didn't you tell me this, sooner?"

"Things were a little hectic around here," smiled Adam, "and I wasn't sure I wanted to accept."

Charlie hesitated, sensing that there was more he wanted to say.

"So, why are you telling me, now?" she wondered.

"Norman wants to interview us, together," explained Adam, hesitating to see what her reaction would be.
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