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"Me?" she gasped in horror. "On a live broadcast that airs, worldwide? Absolutely not!"

"I was afraid you might take it this way," he sighed. "I know it's intimidating, Charlie, but Bill thinks this might help the paparazzi let up a little. My fans are dying to see us as a married couple, and if we do an interview, the bounty for our picture might go down."

"I can't," she shook her head.

"Give it some time to sink in," he encouraged her. "I really want this, Charlie. I want people to see us happy. The quicker they can accept us, the easier it will be for you."

"I'd rather struggle under the burden of being misunderstood," groaned Charlie. "It'll be worldwide, Adam!"

"What else do you have planned for Villa Rosa?" he asked, returning his attention to the large, gaping holes in the ground.

"You can't change the subject," she replied, stoutly.

"I'm certainly going to try," he grinned, kissing her on the cheek. "Are you hungry? How about some breakfast? If Vera's hasn't already, I'll make you the best scrambled eggs you ever had! What do you say?"

Just then, they heard someone honking at the main gate. It was Beppe Donato and several other truck and vehicles, for the crew was arriving for another day of work.

"I'd better make it a quick breakfast," said Charlie, getting ready to climb out of the pickup. "Sorry, Adam. You do understand, don't you?"

"Go on," he nodded. "I'll let them in. Thank you for a lovely night, Charlie."

"I love you, Adam," she leaned forward to kiss him. "Always remember that."

"I will," he promised.

Charlie jumped from the truck and hurried inside to eat a quick meal and take a fast shower.

"Good morning!" greeted Beppe, as Adam unlocked the main gate and let them in. "I see you and your wife had a night out!" he chuckled, for Adam was still wearing yesterday's clothes.

After the men swapped conversation, Adam went inside. He was sleepy, but Charlie was bounding all over the place, trying to get ready so she could rush outside.

"When are you going to get some sleep?" he wondered, as she gulped down her cold cereal.

"Oh, I'll catch a few winks, later," she shrugged. "It's no big deal."

"Pumpkin," laughed Vera, "you won't be saying that, when you fall asleep in mid-sentence!"

A man's voice hollered outside the window, and Charlie disappeared out the front door to answer his call. Adam walked to the pane of glass and watched as Charlie talked with the same broad-shouldered man that had grinned at her, the day before. He couldn't hear their voices, but he could watch their faces.

Outside, Charlie resisted the urge to look toward the house to see if Adam was watching them. The man before her was grinning broadly, and she was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. Nothing was being said that was indecent, but the way he continued to hang around her, made Charlie wonder if Adam might not have had a point, after all. Maybe, she had simply never bothered to notice men like this broad-shouldered man before. Soon, Charlie found an excuse to walk away, and quickly glanced over her shoulder at the mobile home. There was no one in the window.
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