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"Is that why your shirt is untucked?" he breathed in a low voice.

She nodded. "He didn't grope me, though. It was as if he was just doing it to see if he could. I kicked him and started screaming, and the other men came running. Then you showed up."

"He was posing for the camera," Adam surmised. "I saw him getting into a van with someone crouched in the back pointing a telephoto lens."

Upon hearing this, Charlie quickly took refuge in Adam's arms. With a longing sigh, Adam hugged his wife.

"I wish people would leave us alone," he muttered, his face looking quite fierce, but his touch remaining very gentle. "I wish they'd pick on me, instead of you!"

"Today, they did," Charlie whimpered.

"He knew I'd come to save you," Adam whispered. "They all know it-- that's why they keep targeting you."

"Do you want me to leave for a while?" Charlie wondered in a timorous voice.

"Never," breathed Adam, embracing her even tighter. "Never leave me, Charlie. Promise me."

Heartsick, Charlie shut her eyes. When she was unable to give the promise he wanted, Adam suddenly realized what he had asked of her.

"Willingly," he modified his request. "I meant, willingly, Charlie."

Charlie gazed into his soft brown eyes. Then she cuddled against his chest and tucked her head beneath his chin.

"I hope I die young," she murmured, in a voice so quiet and still, that Adam almost couldn't make out her words. But he did.

"Don't say that!" he nearly shouted. Startled, Charlie jumped, but continued to hold on to his shirt for comfort. When she began to cry, Adam moaned and cradled her even closer to his body.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled between sobs.

"Do you remember those kidnappers, Charlie? You almost had your wish!" Adam's frightened arms wrapped around her even tighter. "Your remark scares me more than everything else that's happened today!"

Charlie kissed his throat and tried to console her shaken husband. "I'm sorry I said it," she apologized. "I won't ever leave you of my own choice, Adam. I promise."

"Tell me you don't really want to die young," he pleaded, pulling Charlie away and staring at his beautiful companion.

Drying her tears with the palm of her hand, Charlie thought it over.

"Well?" he urgently pressed. Adam was becoming frantic, so Charlie put her fingers to his lips to calm him down.

"I hope I grow old with you," she whispered. "I hope our only problem will be your growing old before me. I hope I'll be there to push your wheel chair, and find your glasses when you lose them. I hope we'll have a chance to prove that age can't erase the love we share. I hope..." Charlie's voice trailed off in a wistful sigh.
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