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Flies accosted them every chance they could, and Charlie was hoping that Adam's curiosity about the restaurant had been satisfied. Her lettuce and tomato sandwich may have been good, but she wasn't looking forward to repeating this visit anytime soon.

Their meal was almost over, when Adam noticed a familiar pickup truck traveling down the road. "They're back," he informed Charlie, as Kevin sped by the restaurant on his way to Villa Rosa.

When Adam and Charlie arrived home a few minutes later, Kevin stepped out of the mobile home and greeted them. His face immediately fell when he saw Adam's battered appearance.

"I ran into a little trouble," the musician answered Kevin's unasked question.

"You ran?" Kevin's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "It's looks as though trouble ran into you!"

"It did," Adam smiled grimly. "Repeatedly."

By the soiled look of Charlie, Kevin guessed that the same trouble had also ran into her, as well.

"I should've been here," he scolded himself.

"This wasn't something you could've handled for me," Adam sighed. "I'm afraid I had to deal with it, myself."

"Even so," Kevin replied thoughtfully, "whoever did this to you, waited until I wasn't around." He touched the handle of the automatic pistol holstered at his side. "I'm a good dissuader."

"Adam's not bad at dissuading, either," Charlie remarked with a wry smile. "I don't think we'll have anymore trouble from the crew. Is Grandma inside with Daddy?"

"She's getting ready for your father's birthday party this evening," replied Kevin.

"Tonight?" Charlie wondered in surprise. "Daddy's birthday isn't until a few days from now!"

When her bodyguard shrugged, Charlie hurried inside the mobile home. She found Vera in the living room, puzzling over dark brown stains on the couch cushions.

"Are these blood stains?" Vera exclaimed anxiously.

"A lot happened while you were away," Charlie explained. "You're never going to believe it, but Adam and I were in a fight--"

"You hit Adam?!" Vera interrupted with a disbelieving stare.

"No, of course not," Charlie shook her head, "Lyle was the one who hit Adam."

"Who is Lyle?" asked Vera, beginning to wonder if her granddaughter was the victim of heatstroke. Adam was such a gentle soul, that nothing Charlie was saying made sense. Still, the bloodstains were all too real, so Vera listened patiently as Charlie excitedly related her story.

Just then, physical proof of Charlie's narrative walked through the front door, looking every bit as dirty as his wife-- and then some.

"I know how this looks," began Adam, "but I can explain everything."

After Vera fussed over Adam and Charlie, she suddenly remembered she had some news of her own. Since Maggie and Jeff already had a previous commitment for the day of Chuck's party, Vera offered to move the celebration to that evening, so they could still attend.
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