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On their last day of cleanup work, Charlie threw a small party for their hardworking general contractor and his crew. Two outdoor tables were placed in front of the Clarks' mobile home, and everyone had their fill of hamburgers, hot dogs, and Vera's lemonade and homemade cookies. Then, the workers left, leaving Charlie and Adam feeling suddenly empty without the constant noise of construction and men shouting orders.

It didn't take long for Adam to adapt to the sudden change, however. It was quiet. Just the way he liked it. Now he could enjoy the sounds of the wind, as it swept across the desert floor, and the haunting cries of coyotes as they called to each other in the distance.

The change Adam appreciated the most, was the absence of so many muscular young men, walking about the property and calling attention to themselves in front of Charlie. Ever since his encounter with Lyle, the crew had been better behaved, and there had been no further problems. Even so, Adam was glad to see them leave.

But Adam could not relax too much, for Villa Rosa was not yet finished. They were still living in the mobile home, and Charlie was planning a list of what they would need, before they could move into the main house.

In a move Shirley thought very unselfish of her, she insisted that she be present when Charlie went shopping for furnishings and appliances. Disheartened, Charlie struggled to hide her disappointment from Shirley. She had been looking forward to this for a long time, and didn't want someone criticizing her every move. But Shirley was Adam's sister, and Charlie determined to make the best of it. Charlie thanked her for her thoughtfulness, and hoped that would be the end of it.

It wasn't.

After asserting herself one too many times and nearly putting Charlie to tears, Adam finally drew his sister aside.

Shirley, however, was not so easily deterred. "I'm only looking out for your best interest!" she sighed in exasperation. "Charlie is going to ruin Villa Rosa! At least, when Beppe was here, he made sure things were done correctly!"

"Beppe only did what Charlie told him to," Adam smiled proudly.

Shirley was silent.

"You're welcome to come with us when we go shopping," said Adam, "but I want Charlie to have whatever she wants."

"You're going to spoil her, if you keep letting her have her own way in everything," warned Shirley.

"That's between me and my wife," Adam stated firmly.

"Fine." The resigned tone in her voice said it all.

"I know you love me," sighed Adam, seeing her feelings were bruised, "and I'm grateful you're my little sister."

Shirley sniffed. "I'm only trying to do what Mom would have done, if she were still with us."

"I know."

"Very well, I won't stand in Charlie's way," she conceded. "As you said, this is her home. I just wish you'd stand up for yourself once in a while. That child..." Shirley caught herself, "that young lady, is too inexperienced to handle such big responsibilities without firm guidance. Even though you have more money than you're willing to admit, at this rate, Charlie will run through it faster than a teenager with a credit card! She needs more discipline!"
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