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Charlie sighed, while the men discussed something terribly fascinating about the insides of their new piano. Thinking she could leave now, Charlie prepared to stand up. To her surprise, Adam stopped her before she even made it off the bench.

"What do you think?" he smiled hopefully.

Charlie shrugged. To her unmusical eyes, it looked like a large, fancy piano that probably cost Adam a lot of money.

"I had an idea," proposed Adam, "that maybe you'd like to play with me. With Dave's help, I'm working on a duet that I'm composing for us."

"Duet?" laughed Charlie, thinking that he must surely be joking. "For US? Adam, I can't play the piano!"

To Charlie's wonderment, Adam wasn't a bit discouraged. "I can teach you, and Dave can help too," he assured her. "He has a doctorate in music, and has taught piano before."

Charlie hadn't known this, but it still didn't make any sense. "I thought you were busy working on your next album!"

Adam grinned broadly. "I am."

Then it hit Charlie. "You want me on your album?"

"Why not?" reasoned Adam.

Seeing an opportunity to give some encouragement of his own, Dave joined in. "By the time Adam and I are finished with you, you'll be able to slog through the piece he's working on."

Charlie gave him a disbelieving laugh. "I don't think Adam's fans want to hear anyone 'slogging' through his music! I can't believe you two are actually serious!"

"You've played the piano, before," Adam reminded her. "Remember, you once told me you took a few lessons when you were little."

"I was eight years old!" exclaimed Charlie. "Unless you want a rusty rendition of 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm,' I'm in trouble!"

Adam nodded that he already knew. "I was just trying to use an example to give you a little confidence. Don't worry, Charlie. I'll teach you everything you'll need to know."

Charlie pushed herself away from the piano. "I'm not worried, because I'm not doing it!"

"Think about it for a little while," he pleaded, reaching out for Charlie's hand. "Please, Honey."

"Adam, I'm doing this for your own good," she tried to explain. "It's sweet of you to want to include me in your music, but it simply won't work. I'm not a musician." When Adam gripped her hand tighter, Charlie pulled away and left the music room.

Disappointed, Adam closed the keyboard and smiled sadly at Dave. "It was worth a try. I wish she would've given it a chance to work, though. I think it's just what she needs right now."

An hour later, Dave went outside to do some thinking. Unexpectedly, he found Charlie kneeling by the wall of the main house, trying to pull up the weeds that kept popping up through the hard desert ground.
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