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Thoughtfully, Adam shoved his hands into his pockets. He was about to leave, when he heard Wally yapping and then Charlie's voice as she played with her puppy. A smile formed on Adam's lips. Instead of leaving, he went into the bedroom and found Charlie on the bed with a schoolbook on her lap, and Wally sitting on its open pages.

"Get off Momma's book," she was coaxing the dog. "Go on, Sweet Thing. Please, Wally? Momma needs to study!"

"Momma should try being more assertive," chuckled Adam, picking the puppy up and setting her on the floor. Hearing someone in the kitchen, Wally quickly left to see if anyone had dropped something on the floor for her to eat.

"Thanks," smiled Charlie. She propped her books against her knees and leaned back against the headboard to read. When Adam continued to quietly watch her, Charlie found it difficult to study. "I thought you said you were finished with me for awhile," she remarked.

"Would you mind going back to the music room?" wondered Adam. "I'd like to try something."

Charlie smiled ironically. "I hope you realize that you're getting in the way of me furthering my education. I don't think Melvin will want this leaked to the press."

Adam's insistence finally won out, and he led her back to the music room. Ready to attempt their duet again, Charlie took her place at the piano while Adam mysteriously locked the door.

"What are you doing that for?" she laughed. "Are you afraid I'm going to stink that badly?"

"Come away from the piano," urged Adam, motioning her to the sofa.

"I don't think a pep talk will do any good," sighed Charlie, as Adam sat beside her on the tattered couch. "Haven't you..." Charlie was cut short by Adam's kiss. Before things got too involved, Adam pulled away from Charlie's embrace and he took her back to the piano.

"Play," he urged.

"Now?" she asked in surprise.

"Do you know what this duet is about?" he inquired.

"It's about us."

Adam smiled encouragingly. "Then play what you're feeling at this very moment."

"I don't see how this will change anything," she sighed, "but I'll try." Before Charlie began, Adam kissed her once more. To Charlie's dismay, her head was now swimming so badly she was afraid of forgetting her memorized piece!

"Go on," coaxed Adam, taking a cautious step back and waiting for her to begin.

Uncertainly, Charlie's fingers hit the first few keys of the duet. The other notes came easier than she thought possible, and while she didn't think this was sounding better, she was certainly playing with more ease. When it was over, Adam went to his piano.

"Do that again," he requested. Adam sounded curious, as if he wasn't sure Charlie could repeat her performance.

"But how was I?" Charlie wanted to know.
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