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Adam didn't want to make her nervous, and remained insistent without giving any opinions. "Just play," he nodded.

As they began the duet, Charlie couldn't help but notice the smiling face of her husband at the piano across from hers. So that was her answer. It was good. But for the life of her, Charlie couldn't understand why, for she was hitting the very same notes as before!

When the duet was over, Adam excitedly rushed out to find Dave.

With Dave planted on the sofa, Adam told Charlie to play the song once again. By now, Charlie was getting tired of the melody, and they hadn't gone halfway through the piece before Adam called it off.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "You had it exactly right only a minute ago!"

"I'm getting tired," sighed Charlie.

"Just one more time, so Dave can hear," begged Adam.

"My hands are stiff," complained Charlie.

"You're loosing the moment, Honey."

"What moment?" cried Charlie.

Adam sighed. He got up and went over to Charlie, giving her the biggest kiss he had ever dared in front of someone else. Dave hid a smile, and Adam went back to his piano. "One more time, Charlie-girl."

Charlie's head was swimming again, and she couldn't understand how Adam expected her to pay attention to the music if he kept kissing her like that! As their music began, the notes came bubbling up from within Charlie, and she was enjoying the duet more than any of their previous practice times. They were playing as one, and Charlie could feel it down to her very fingertips.

When the last note sounded, Dave clapped his hands as though the sun had come out after a long and heavy thunderstorm. "That's the sound you were lookin' for, Adam! I knew I wasn't gettin' it exactly right, but Charlie, you nailed it!"

"I did?" The young woman was surprised. "I admit, it sounded better than before, but it wasn't that big of a difference!"

"Oh, yes it was!" Adam hugged her happily. "Now we can go public with the duet!"

Charlie was encouraged. "You really think I'm ready for the recording studio?"

There was a small pause, and Adam smiled as though that wasn't quite what he had meant. Charlie couldn't put her finger on it, but something about Adam made her nervous. "You'll be ready when it's time to cut the album," he hugged her once more. "I'm so proud of you, Charlie!"

Dave flashed Adam a wary glance, but Adam wasn't ready to tell Charlie his news. He had to wait for the right time, and this wasn't it.

That night, Adam went to bed with Charlie in his arms. She fell asleep with the touch of his kiss still on her lips, and Adam was glad to see her looking so peaceful. After a few minutes, Charlie stirred, and they resumed their kissing. Deciding that the time was right, Adam pulled his mouth away from hers and gazed into her eyes.
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